16 March 2015

We Got Married! Plus, A Brand New Concept for BLD!

Hello hello everyone!

Our apologies for being missing in action for far too long, how has everyone been? On our end, we got hitched in December, so there's that haha things have been up in a whirlwind for us these past few months but thankfully, things are also starting to settle down so phew! 

Oh hey, wanna see what went down during our nikah ceremony? 

You know one of those couples who got married and got fat(ter)? With a heavy heart, we must admit that we've become THAT couple. From the unimaginable stress of wedding-planning (mostly due to an unscrupulous wedding planner, but let's save that for another time) to our makan-marathon honeymoon in food heaven Istanbul, to just being in marital bliss... all that equates to is an alarming amount of weight gain! 

Mane tak gemuk! 

And so began our quest to find the perfect balance between eating healthy and enjoying good food. We started paying closer attention to our meals, which resulted in a fun little idea for a brand-new BLD blog! 

Stay tuned for more updates on the new concept. Speak soon! =) 

Bob and Julie

07 November 2014

The Bites Cafe @ Lake Fields Sg Besi

Price Range : Mid-range
Cuisine : Western 
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yep!

Whenever we try a new restaurant, the first bite would usually determine whether or not we were in for a good time. Aptly enough, every single bite at Bites is hypnotic, exciting, and satisfying right to the very end.

19 October 2014

The Humble Pie Co @ Section 17, PJ

Price Range : Mid-range
Cuisine : Pies  
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes

Happiness is craving for desserts and being stuffed with glorious durian pies. If you’re a fan of durian in your sweet treats, The Humble Pie Co’s got you covered.

Little Wonton @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Price Range : Mid-range
Cuisine : Asian Fusion  
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yep!

Any lychee fans here? How about garlic? Vinegar?

How about this: any fans of vinegar, garlic, and lychee co-existing harmoniously in one bowl? Read on to get to know this cute eatery's eclectic F&B offerings. 

09 October 2014

Restoran Che Mat Ayam Kampung @ Damansara Perdana

Price Range : Budget
Cuisine : Malay  
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes, despite it being open air!

We were having this discussion the other day on the ultimate test to see whether someone truly knows you or not: if they can buy you a plate of nasi campur that contains all the lauk you would’ve picked yourself, you’ve got yourself a soul mate!

Anyways, on a slightly unrelated note...for a less daunting nasi campur dining option, check out Restoran Che Mat Ayam Kampung! 

02 October 2014

Fikcles @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Price: Mid-range 
Cuisine: Western 
Catphobia-Friendly?: Yes 

At a glance, Fikcles fits right in with the current quirky café troupe with its adorably-painted façade and its coffee-scented interior. But scan through the menu and you’ll find this genius creation that sets this cosy café significantly apart:

01 September 2014

Meatless Monday Recipe: Fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes with Lemon Dill Yoghurt

How's everyone doing this 3-day weekend? Not only is it Meatless Monday (yayness!), it's also a public holiday (double the yayness!). 

Mondays like these don't roll around that often, so we decided to celebrate with one of our favourite pancake recipes: Fluffy Pumpkin Pancake with Lemon Dill Yoghurt. Best had for breakfast and tea-time snacks =) 

25 August 2014

Costilla de Res @ La Boca Latino Bar, Pavilion KL

Price: Splurge
Cuisine : Latin American
Catphobia-Friendly?: Yes
Pork-Free (restaurant serves alcohol) 

We don't always post about the same dish twice, but when we do, it's La Boca Latino Bar's astounding Costilla de Res. Where else can you find short ribs this magnificent? 

25 July 2014

Tasty Chapathi @ Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur

Price: Mid-range 
Cuisine : Indian (with a good range of vegetarian options!) 
Catphobia-Friendly?: Yes

You know one of those restaurants where everything that arrives on your dinner table are perfect tens, no misses? Tasty Chapati is one of those rare gems for us, and is possibly our favourite place for soulful Indian dishes right now (we have had our iftar 3 times here within the span of 1.5 weeks, if that says anything). 

09 July 2014

A Pie Thing @ Damansara Uptown

Price: Mid-range 
Cuisine : Pies
Catphobia-Friendly?: Yes

Rest easy, Mrs Lovett did not have a hand in crafting the pies at A Pie Thing. The only “Mashacre” here is of the kind heaped with peas, potatoes and soulful gravy! 

03 June 2014

Little Yum Yum @ Kota Damansara

Price Range : Mid-range 
Cuisine : Nyonya
Catphobia Friendly? : Yes

What started out as a wife's unbridled affection for her husband by learning the intricate ways of Nyonya cooking from her mother-in-law, is now one of the top Nyonya restaurants in town! 

23 May 2014

Dao Kia @ One Utama

Price Range : Budget 
Cuisine : Soy drinks and desserts 
Recommended For : A vegan snack 
Catphobia Friendly? : Yes 

Favourite post-lunch desserts, right here! Who can say no to Dao Kia's silky smooth soy puddings? 

19 May 2014

FIQS Gastronomy @ SS19, Subang Jaya

Price : Mid-range 
Cuisine : Fine dining-ish 
Recommended For : Enjoying expertly crafted foods without the pretentious frou-frou setting
Catphobia Friendly?: Yes siree! 

Fancy foods in a comfy, casual space? You're looking for FIQS Gastronomy. Tucked away in a random corner of SS19, the unassuming little eatery is truly a breath of fresh air! 

The menu is delicate and thoughtful, and we had quite the debate trying to decide on our dinner dishes! 

Abah & Sons Co Motocafe @ Lake Fields, Sg Besi

Price Range : Mid-range
Cuisine : All-day breakfast and coffee
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes 

Chancing across this adorable-looking place online, we made a point to drive all the way to Sg Besi last night to give this place a try (we're gonna pretend we're totally unfazed by the alarming amount of petrol we tend to carelessly consume in the name of food).

20 March 2014

Kampong Kravers @ Damansara Kim

Price Range : Budget 
Cuisine : Snacks and desserts (karipap is the specialty here) 
Recommended For : Tea-time snack 
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes 

Fancy having a karipap version of pineapple tarts? How about sweet durian custard stuffed into karipaps? 

If you answered yes to the above, Kampong Kravers deserves a spot on your makan list! Specialising in the art of making karipaps, the unassuming cafe provides a wide selection of this staple Malaysian snack! 

23 February 2014

Pisang Cheese Jakarta @ Section 7, Shah Alam

Price Range : Budget 
Cuisine : Desserts 
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes 

Being food bloggers, we're always excited when it comes to new food trends! And here's something we've been wanting to sink our teeth into: Pisang Goreng Cheese! 

16 February 2014

Sukiya @ Kota Damansara

Price Range : Budget 
Cuisine : Japanese (Fast food) 
Recommended For : Casual meals 
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes 

The bright facade of Sukiya caught out attention and drew us in for dinner a few nights back; welcomed warmly by very Japanese-sounding staff, we stood at the self-service counter and had fond flashbacks of Yoshinoya! 

Veggies Gyudon

09 February 2014

Kafe @ Ubud, Bali

Price Range : Mid-range 
Cuisine : Vegan / vegetarian with amazing raw options 
Recommended For : Chilling-with-coffee-and-a-book kinda place 
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes 

We seriously feel the easiest (and yummiest) way to go vegan is to move to Ubud! Jalan Hanoman, especially, is lined with such amazing vegan restaurants, and Kafe was undoubtedly one of our top picks! 

07 February 2014

Clear Cafe @ Ubud, Bali

Price Range : Mid-range   
Cuisine : Vegan / vegetarian
Recommended For : The cosy space comfortably caters to large parties and intimate dos
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes!

Ubud is a true haven for vegans, and we were frantically trying out as many of the vegan eateries as we could fit into our tight 2-day schedule!

25 January 2014

Payuk Bali Cooking Class @ Ubud, Bali

After several days of chomping our way through glorious Balinese dishes, we decided to up it a notch and spend a morning learning what goes into these culinary wonders!