04 October 2015

Pak Weil Akok Salor @ Salor, Kota Bharu

Price Range: Budget
Cuisine: Akok

A fan of this ooey, gooey Kelantanese delicacy? You’d need to make a stop at this unassuming little shack for some of the best akoks in town!

Part of the fun is watching the expert aunties ladle the egg-based batter into the charcoal-heated mould...

...seeing the batter fluff up beautifully...

... and the best feeling of them all: knowing they’re ready and just a few seconds away from ending up in your anticipating mouth.

They’re priced at RM0.50 per piece, but if you buy 100 pieces (to share, of course! Imagine throwing an akok tea party! Hmmm...) they’re RM45.

Pak Weil Akok Salor
434, Jalan Wakaf Che Yeh-Salor-Pasir Mas
15100 Salor
Kota Bharu
T: +6013 908 9615
T: +6019 904 9451

6.040178, 102.197007
Or click here for the location on Google Maps


A roadside stop is all you need!

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