23 February 2014

Pisang Cheese Jakarta @ Section 7, Shah Alam

Price Range : Budget 
Cuisine : Desserts 
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes 

Being food bloggers, we're always excited when it comes to new food trends! And here's something we've been wanting to sink our teeth into: Pisang Goreng Cheese! 

This box of cheese-topped fried bananas, however, only arrived at our table close to an hour after we'd ordered. Needless to say, that gave ample time for our initial excitement to dissipate into full-on annoyance. 

So basically, the stall (located behind Giant i-City, Shah Alam) is attached to the Lawangsari restaurant, and you can choose whether to enjoy them piping hot at the restaurant or to take them home in their custom boxes. 

Crowd favourite seems to be the Original (RM6) and Chocolate (RM7), so we opted for these. After about half an hour of waiting for our desserts (there were only about 2 other customers at the time), we'd asked them why they were taking so long. Only then we were informed that they didn't have batter to fry the bananas! How preposterous, given the fact that we'd arrived at the stall when they had just opened for the day =/ 

Since we were already there anyway, we decided to wait another 15 minutes for the elusive bananas. 

No, they were not worth the wait. 

We've been told their batter is quite unique, but really, it's quite ordinary. Plus, the banana fritters are extremely oily! Topped with brown sugar and cheese, it made the whole thing so unnecessarily cloying. 

The Chocolate was no better. The oiliness of the bananas was made even worse with the saccharine sweet chocolate sauce. Also, we feel the chocolate does not complement the salty cheese very well, so it was a rather odd combination. 

Well, that's our thoughts anyway. Could it be that we went on a bad day? Guess we'd never know, as we don't intend on returning anytime soon. 

Pisang Cheese Jakarta 
Jalan Plumbum X7/X 
40000 Shah Alam 
(look for Restoran Lawangsari, right behind Giant) 

Opening Hours: 
4.30 p.m. - 12.30 a.m. 


Roadside parking bays available. 


  1. oops, yikes, it's great that you managed to try it though! hopefully they'll either make drastic improvements to their recipe and procedures here, or maybe another pisang cheese kiosk will open somewhere else to serve us the best pisang cheese possible! the chocolate-cheese pisang one does look like overkill though ... i wonder if cheese & peanut butter pisang might fare a bit better...

  2. Wow banana and cheese? that's something i've never heard and tried before!

  3. I've tried this one when i was at West Sumatera.. it was sooooo delicious..! Like the one i ate, the banana supposed to be grilled, not fried.. the hotness from grilled banana topped with grated cheese and choc chip... the feeling eating grilled banana while sitting on the bridge under the moonlight was so sweet... (^_~)

    1. aww thanks for sharing the beautiful memory with us! it sure sounded like bliss =)

      yeah, we're thinking grilled bananas would be much, much more enjoyable too!

  4. Correct GPS coordinate 3.06587,101.48937

    1. whoops, way delayed reply here but thanks so much for the gps coordinate! Have updated our post accordingly =)

  5. Haah gps tu salah. Mengagau cari ntah ke mana mana