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We started off our blogging adventures by reviewing the best places to eat in Kuala Lumpur and beyond. Oh yes, we thoroughly enjoyed hopping from burger joints to nasi campur stalls to coffee shops! But we definitely do not enjoy the health problems brought about by all those indulgent years. And expanding waistlines? They’re no fun =(  

We decided we needed to learn to find a healthy balance between indulging in rich foods and taking highly nutritious meals, and here we are today! Here’s what you can look forward to on the brand-new BLD:

Weekdays are for healthy eats!
We share our favourite tried-and-tested vegan and vegetarian recipes every Monday and Wednesday!

We’re also excited to introduce our very own wellness series, ‘Hello, Health!’ with Certified Wellness Advisor, the ever-enlightening and entertaining Mokhtar Ahmad! Why are enzymes so incredibly important in our daily diet? Does fat really make you fat? Mokhtar answers these health questions and more on the show. The first episode will be launched real soon, so stay tuned!

Weekends are for naughty treats!
We dedicate our weekends to exploring the latest restaurants, cafes, stalls and food trucks around! Catch our reviews every Saturday and Sunday!

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Bob and Julie


  1. Other than cats, there is also a type of nuisance at Malay eateries - the blind tissue seller with dayang, the sekolah pondok donation representative and the Makcik/Pakcik selling keropok/tidbits. Either genuine or not, they have created an image that Malays are an uncaring lot because most of the time their appeals are ignored. Well who can blame them....so many scams these days