29 November 2015

This Gorgeous Hotel Will Make You Wanna Go On A Romantic Retreat Right Now

As cliché as candlelight dinners and beds topped with animal-shaped towels can be (don’t forget the liberal sprinkles of rose petals), sometimes, that's just the kind of weekend you need to relax and recharge! 

Before we go on to the review, we’d like to mention first off that this is not a sponsored post. The simple reason behind this review is inspired by how much we’d enjoyed our stay and the stellar service =)

Okayyy, moving on!

There's just so much to love about this beautifully classic hotel!

Located about 15 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Tanah Rata, this tudor-style accommodation is perfect for a quiet, cosy vacation. 

These are all the things to look forward to in this lovey-dovey package:

1. Enjoy your welcome drinks and hot towels when you arrive
We were greeted by the ever-accommodating Param, who escorted us to the cosy bar area for a round of ginger-spiked Sprite and some warm, toasty towels. 

2. 2 nights’ stay at your suite of choice (rates differ according to suite; refer to the price list at the end of this article)

We went with the Cameron Suite, which we enjoyed to the fullest! There’s way too much space for 2 persons to occupy, which suit us perfectly fine.

Step through the door and the first thing we (read: Julie) screeched about was the clawfoot bathtub (way to live out our Nightmare Before Christmas dreams!), and the rest of the behemoth-sized bathroom.

The separate sinks were much, much appreciated as were the little touches like the all-natural soap bars, bath salts, and scented oil.

There’s just so much relaxing to do in this suite, from lounging around on the top-notch king-sized bed (waking up from this bed is impossible, we’re not sure how we managed)...

Okay, we made peace with the rose-topped swan towels. They’re adorable ;)

to lazing around on the couch watching TV...

to enjoying the breeze on the private verandah with a steaming cup of tea.

Then, there's the cute little herb garden on our doorstep. 

Oh, and there’s an actual fireplace in the room. Yeah.

We were definitely too jakun about that.

By the way, the coffee and tea counter in the room is excellent! No icky 3-in-1 Nescafe here, thank goodness. If it’s tea you’re in the mood for, make a comforting brew from the provided tub of tea leaves. 

Also, we made full use of the coffee machine!

3. 68 (erm, would adding just one more stalk be a bit too in-your-face?) stalks of freshly-cut roses to brighten the room  

4. Turndown service every evening
Make sure to pick your fragrance pillows to be slipped into your pillow case (choose from jasmine, tuberose or lemon grass). To sweeten the evening, the turndown service includes a bowl of fresh strawberries and some butter cookies

5. A four-course candlelight dinner at The Restaurant
We started off with a plate of absolutely fresh eggplant salad... 

warmed up with a bowl of corn soup... 

edged on to the mains with some grilled chicken (which, admittedly was a bit dry but the fruit-tinged sauce more than made up for it)...

before ending it all with poached strawberries and a hot cup of tea.

The Lakehouse guys were sweet enough to squeeze in a mini birthday cake to celebrate the occasion too!

If you’re heading back to the room after dinner, just let the reception know you’d like to have the fireplace lit and they’ll send someone right over.

6. Semi-buffet breakfast every morning
Choose the main dish from the menu, ranging from Big Breakfast to Eggs Benedict to Nasi Lemak. 

The Big Breakfast 

The buffet part includes pastries, cereals, and fresh fruits. 

You can enjoy the spread at The Restaurant, or you can also opt for the food to be served in your room. What better way to while away the morning than by tucking into buttery pastries while watching the world go by from your room?

Just a note: The Eggs Benedict are poorly done. 
If you love poached eggs, this is not the place to show it. 

7. Choice of a bottle of house wine or afternoon tea

We went with the afternoon tea, of course, and spent a good afternoon laughing over copious amount of Cameron Valley tea, scones, banana cakes, and assorted sandwiches.

8. A steamboat dinner

 Even more syok for us, it started drizzling and we took our time savouring our private dinner on the restaurant verandah.

The tom yam is particularly good!

9. For the adventurous, the package also includes a one-hour guided jungle trekking session.

10. To get around with ease, take advantage of the complimentary shuttle service provided to Tanah Rata.

This wasn’t mentioned as part of the package, but we woke up to a pleasant surprise when we found that our car had been given a complimentary wash! What a sweet gesture, seeing as how our ride got way too messy from the construction sites and rain on the drive up.

Here’s the price list (applicable up till 15th December 2015):

Room Type
Package Rate
Deluxe Double
RM 1,800 nett
Junior Suite
RM 1,980 nett
Cameron / Foster Suite
RM 2,080 nett

All in all, the service was SUPERB (a big thank you to all the helpful and friendly staff), the food was good, and the little details were just adorable!

For more information on the Intimate Romance Package, click here. 

The Lakehouse
30th Mile, Ringlet
39200 Cameron Highlands
T: +605 495 6152

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