05 February 2012

Ikan Bakar Tip Top @ Medan Selera Sg Chat, Johor Bahru

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One of the best ikan bakars in the country
There’s nothing cat-free about seafood places

As with most of the eateries we’d ambushed in JB, this place came highly recommended for food seekers. We were told that Tip Top is THE place to go for the best seafood dishes in the southern city, and our experience there did not disappoint!

To start off the session, we decided to cool ourselves down first with their famous Ice Jelly (RM3.80), which is an assortment of sea coconut, soursop and jelly on a bed of ice, topped with a generous squeeze of lime juice.  It is the ultimate refresher for those who have spent the whole day walking around the balmy streets, and cools you down in an instant!

If this doesn’t sound like your type of thing, you may be interested to try their ABC Cocoa (RM4) instead. Yup, that’s right! It’s the well-known and much loved ABC, with its ice mound topped with rose syrup, sweet corn, beans and the usual condiments, but this time with chocolate syrup drizzled all over the dessert! You would think it would make for a rather odd combination, but trust us, this is one ingenious invention!

We move on to the main highlight! We don’t get to come here as often as we’d like to, so when we get the chance to eat at Tip Top, we only ever go for our tried-and-tested favourite fish of choice: Pari Bakar! It is perfectly-grilled till it is fall-off-the-bones tender, but what makes it superb is its chilli marinade! There are no words that can do justice to explain just how perfect their ikan bakar is, we can only recommend that you make a trip down here, stat!

To accompany the grilled fish, there’s a myriad of other seafood dishes you can try:

Lala Masak Cili (RM10): a definite must-have! 
Try also their Kerang Rebus (RM10), a quintessential 
dish at any seafood joint, served with sambal limau

Sotong Masak Cili: a mildly-spicy dish that brings out the sweetness of the squids

Ikan Bakar Tip Top
Medan Selera Sungai Chat
Jalan Sungai Chat
80000 Johor Bahru
(nearby Dataran Bandaraya JB)

Opening Hours: 
5p.m. - 12 a.m.

1.461195, 103.738436

Lots of roadside parking available


  1. ni medan selera sungai chat ker?? bukan ke tepian tebrau???tgk dr gmbr cm medan selera tepian tebrau...sebab medan selera sungai chat dekat dengan medan selera tepian tebrau....hehe mesti confuse kn...
    n lagi 1 klu dr tgk gmbr2 mknn n abc ni mmg kt medan selera tepian tebrau sebab mmg suke mkn kt situ..terbaekkkk....!!!

  2. boleh dapat contact no owner dia x....

    1. sorry kitorg xde lah plak no owner dia.. klu kitorg pegi mkn sini lagi nnt kitorg tanyekan