15 January 2012

Rawa Steamboat @ Taman Gaya, Johor Bahru

Budget Range
Type of Cuisine
Steamboat and Grill (Buffet)
Recommended For
Really (like, REALLY) hungry people
Yes. Hardly any cats around   

There are days when you can find the strength to say no to your favourite slice of cake.  And then there are some days when the glutton in you is unleashed and you feel like devouring every living thing in your path. When you’re having days such as the latter, Rawa Steamboat will be waiting for you happily! At only RM18 per head, the buffet truly satisfies.

The choose-cook-eat system is very much like any other steamboat operator’s:
Step 1: Load your plate(s) up with your choice of uncooked meats, fish, frozen food favourites and vegetables (a meek attempt at balancing out all that meat, but an attempt nonetheless). Be sure to grab some blocks of butter and the tightly-rationed packets of chopped garlic (not always available though!) from the counter indoors.

Eat ALL the food!

The curry-marinated chicken

The prawns served in the raw section here are still alive, so you can be sure of how sweet they’ll turn out once cooked.  

Step 2: Once back at your table, dump half of the chosen foods into the boiling pots of chicken soup and tom yam. Dump the rest of the food on the hot grill. 

Suggested grilled items you can make include Grilled Tom Yam Prawns, Garlic Butter Fish, Crispy Grilled Chicken, Pan-Fried Mushrooms, and many, many more if your imagination is up for it.

Step 3: Polish off all the boiled and grilled items with remarkable fervour. Save some room for desserts, as they have a nice selection of ais krim potong, including durian, red bean, corn, cempedak and cendol.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 until the thought of wolfing down yet another piece of grilled prawn is about as appealing as going to work on a rainy Monday.


Rawa Steamboat
No.1, Jalan Sasa 5
Taman Gaya, Ulu Tiram
81800 Johor Bahru

1.569239, 103.801553

Easy roadside parking near the restaurant. 


  1. Would be so nice to have a place to get so many great looking fresh ingredients, lucky you.

    1. yep, we are indeed blessed ;)

      thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Salut, merci pour l'invitation! Nous avons énumérés notre blog sur petitchef! =)

  3. Wow.. Impressed with the way to review places with good food. I like!

    1. hey thanks! =D tgh hoping you'll post up more recipes! ptg ni gak nk gi beli barang buat red velvet hahaha

  4. Nice food. Nice ambience. "Eat all you can. Dont go home till you are full" that wat they say. Spent 3hrs wolluping. But beware!!! The staff keeps loitering around your table keeping an eye of what you eat and how much you eat!!!!