27 June 2015

Greenlicious @ 10 Boulevard

Price Range: Mains average around RM18ish
Cuisine: Health food, with a focus on vegan and vegetarian options

Oh, happy day! We’ve found a vegan-friendly eatery super near to home, yay! =)

And an excellent eatery at that! We were absolutely floored by the incredible colours and flavours that filled up our dining table. Yep, this is most definitely our jam!

Cooking up a storm since 2009, Greenlicious strives to break the stereotypical assumption of organic, nutritious food being dull and tasteless. They’ve done a whole lot more than that with their imaginatively-curated vege-packed menu.

Greenlicious is not 100% meat-free, but the menu serves as a guide on choosing the meat-free level you’re looking for. 

Started off with some Thai Tofu (RM10.90), and completely fell in love at first bite. The tofu is unbelievably delicious we’re still wondering what’s in it! The crusty tofu slices are topped with grated cucumber, turnip and carrot, peanut nibs, and sweet-sour pineapple cubes. Dip them in a little Thai chilli sauce and you’ve got the perfect blend of flavours right there.

Let’s talk about these Greenlicious Mushroom Satay (RM10.90). Whoaa man, these can get addictive real quick! Mushroom skewers that are juicy on the inside and beautifully crisp on the outside, what’s not to love?

Hong Kong Style Mushroom Cheong Fun (RM10.90) is a wonder to look at, with its translucent rice flour layer neatly encasing the grated turnip and cucumber, mushrooms and coriander. Flavour-wise, this dish is a lot more subdued than the first two, but some (vegan) sambal should do the trick!

At first sip, we could not have guessed that the Greenlicious Curry Mee (RM18.90) is wholly vegan. This is, hands-down, one of the best-tasting dairy-free curries we’ve ever tasted! Heck, it’s even way better than some standard curries we’ve had before. The comforting bowlful comes with boiled potatoes, long beans, eggplant, and the most interesting side: seaweed dumplings! They’re phenomenal.

We could not resist trying the majestic-looking Lei Cha King (RM18.90), and man, we’re glad we did! It’s regal all right – brown rice surrounded by chickpeas, tofu, peanuts, carrots, pumpkin, long beans, and cucumber. Pour the tea-based soup onto the ingredients, mix all them up, and enjoy!

Their drinks section looks exciting as well. We opted for an ice cold glass of Carrot Juice (RM11.90), absolutely pure without any sugar or water added.

For green drink fans, the Iced Barley Grass with Passion Fruit (RM7.90) would definitely excite!

Thanks to Kindmeal.my, we even got 26% off the whole bill! All we had to do was just download the Greenlicious coupon. The best part? No upfront payment needed, no reservation needed, and you can even use the coupon everyday if you want to (up until the expiry date)!  

Will you be making a stop here sometime soon? =)

Unit A-G-12, Block Alamanda
10 Boulevard
PJU 6A, Lebuhraya Sprint
47400 Petaling Jaya
T: +603 7724 1109

Opening Hours:
10.30 am – 10.00 pm daily

3.132463, 101.613570
or click here for 10 Boulevard on Google Maps


Head to the ground-level parking in 10 Boulevard itself.

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