25 July 2014

Tasty Chapathi @ Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur

Price: Mid-range 
Cuisine : Indian (with a good range of vegetarian options!) 
Catphobia-Friendly?: Yes

You know one of those restaurants where everything that arrives on your dinner table are perfect tens, no misses? Tasty Chapati is one of those rare gems for us, and is possibly our favourite place for soulful Indian dishes right now (we have had our iftar 3 times here within the span of 1.5 weeks, if that says anything). 

On a side note, they're sweet enough to provide a substantial fruit platter and sirap bandung for Muslims breaking their fast here =)  

We seem to have unofficially been using naan as a benchmark to determine our opinion on an Indian restaurant. The naan cheese here? Fluffy, buttery, cheesy perfection! 

The briyani is beautifully prepared as well; you know how some places serve briyani that's quite greasy and leaves you feeling kinda blergh after a few spoonfuls? Well, you'll have none of that here with their light and fluffy briyani! Love how the intricate mix of spices lend such a fragrant note to the bowlful as well. 

On to our staple side dish: Palak Paneer! Who can say no to pureed spinach cooked in a curried gravy with fresh bits of cottage cheese? Not Popeye, probably, and definitely not us! 

The second time we ate here, the long table behind us had ordered some sizzling dishes that piqued our interest, due to the heavenly scent wafting off the hot platters. Absolutely enchanted by the majesty of these platters, we decided to give their Sizzling Chicken a try and my oh my, they did not disappoint. 

This dish is truly a feast for the senses; from the rich, spiced scent it emanates, to the gorgeous, glistening pieces of chicken smothered in its vibrant gravy, to the moment you have your first bite and roll your eyes upwards in your state of unbridled bliss! 

The best thing about most Indian eateries is the availability of awesome vegetarian options, and Tasty Chapati comfortably fits in this category as well. We've tried both the Lamb Varuval and Vegetarian Lamb Varuval and honestly can't quite decide which one we adore more! 

The best way to end such a feast? A cuppa Masala Tea, of course! 

If you find the spices in Masala Tea a bit too strong, you can also opt for their Punjabi tea, of which the spice content is mostly only cardamom. 

Oh, and did we mention they have a fridge full of traditional Indian desserts? ;) 

Tasty Chapathi

Lot B-0-3, No 378 Viva Mall,
Jln Kasipillay Off Mile 2.5 Jln Ipoh
51200 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 4043 2636
E: tastycp@gmail.com 

Opening Hours: 
11 a.m. - 11 p.m. daily

3.179966, 101.678329

Chances of finding parking at the roadside bays are pretty slim 
so if you're in a hurry for that curry, just park in the Viva Mall.


  1. LOL, i like the catphobia-friendly thing... if you are a huge fan of indian food, be sure to check out Sri Ananda Bahwan if you happen to be in Pg :D

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