23 May 2014

Dao Kia @ One Utama

Price Range : Budget 
Cuisine : Soy drinks and desserts 
Recommended For : A vegan snack 
Catphobia Friendly? : Yes 

Favourite post-lunch desserts, right here! Who can say no to Dao Kia's silky smooth soy puddings? 

For a straightforward snack, a bowl of the Original Soy pudding (RM3.30) should do the trick! It's reminiscent of tau foo fah, but it's somehow smoother and has this luxuriantly delicate silky texture. 

We highly recommend the Coconut Bliss (RM3.60) flavour, as the soy pudding is infused with a rich coconut flavour that brings a pleasant sweetness to the unassuming little bowlful. 

Other flavour options include Green Tea and Almond. They have seasonal flavours too; this one time they had a super decadent Mocha flavour! At the moment, their seasonal flavour is Melon. 

Their soy milk is really enjoyable too; it's so rich and full in flavour! We often opt for the Green Tea Soy Milk (RM3.30) for a quick, vegan green tea latte fix! 

Dao Kia
LGK103, Food Street (Old Wing)
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
T: +603 6150 1122

Opening Hours:
10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

3.148256, 101.616524

Standard parking in One Utama


  1. I wonder from where i heard of this brand? Anyway, i like my toufufah to be served cold instead of hot! perfect for the tropical heat in Malaysia!

    1. They have a few outlets around KL, so perhaps you may have passed one by? You're right about cold taufufah though; it sure beats the heat!