05 January 2013

Arumugam's Naan & Tandoori @ Ampang Point

Price Range : Budget
Cuisine : Naan & Tandoori  
Recommended For : A simple dinner out 
Catphobia-Friendly? : No! There’s a chief cat amongst the cat clan here about the size of Richard Parker  

We’re pretty sure this naan place, despite its immense fame for reputably having the Best Naans in Town, is actually nameless. Some call it ‘that naan place opposite Ampang Point’, some ‘naan sebelah Galeri Guitar’, and some fondly refer to it as Uncle Aru’s. The lack of an official name does nothing to deter its steady flow of customers: mention ‘naan in Ampang’ and undoubtedly this is the first place that will pop to mind.

There’s a perfectly good reason why Arumugam’s is as well-loved as it is. The naans more than live up to their reputation; crisp and crusty on the outside, soft and pillowy on the inside. Its thinness also means there’s none of that atrocious doughy-chewy texture. Garlic Butter Naan (RM3) is our all-time favourite, but even just having it on its own (Plain Naan RM1.50) is just as good.

Going through the menu, there’s an interesting selection of side dishes to go along with the naans. The Chicken Tandoori (RM5) is an unquestionable MUST! Well-marinated and amazingly juicy! Of all things, we would go for the Sardine (RM3). Just love their super-spicy twist on this ubiquitous canned fish.

Juicy Chicken Tandoori

Spicy Sardine

How about you guys? Do you have a favourite side dish that you always have here? Or perhaps any other good naan places to recommend? We’d love to hear from you! =)

Arumugam’s Naan & Tandoori
Jalan 5 (opposite Ampang Point)
55000 Kuala Lumpur
T: +6012 354 5624

How to Get There:
On Jalan Ampang, once you reach Ampang Point on your left, go straight until you see a traffic light with De Palma Hotel at the corner. Turn right and pass by a row of shoplots on your left. At the end of the road, with an apartment building on your left, turn right, and then right again. Go straight along the road, and at the junction, turn right again. You will see the stalls area at the end of the road.

Opening Hours:
7p.m. – 1 a.m.

3.157656, 101.749115

Roadside parking right by the stall. 


  1. i'm a fan of felines, so any cat that's as majestic as richard parker would draw me here! but with or without the cat, i'm always game for cheese garlic naan :D

    1. gosh, wish i had the same fascination for cats! but well the naan is just sooo good that i'm willing to put my crippling fear aside for a little while haha

  2. AM I Mistaken ? It used to be named "The Best" as i recognize red tables and the place... which have not changed since... 2002, last time i visited KL.
    Stephane, Paris (always searching the best tandoori down here, in vain..)

  3. try the spinach, absolutely amazing!

  4. This is over publicity lah!! I went there all the way from old Klang road to try thr Tandoor chicken and the Naan.. first thing... that turn me down.. the place not clean at all, the owner is not there,, but the big long hair guy are there,, the staff there not very friendly..
    well never mind, but the tandoor chicken,, I had better... chicken than this lah!!! the naan was tasteless.. the source like a glue...So what is good there!!! those who give good comment,, I dont know why!!!