27 December 2012

Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang @ Jalan Petri, Johor Bahru

Price Range : Budget
Cuisine : Malay (Johorean)
Recommended For : A sampling of one of Johor’s greatest culinary treasures
Catphobia-Friendly? : No. If you’re afraid of cats, better to sit at shacks with chairs rather than at the shacks where you have to sit cross-legged on the floor

Mee rebus tulang is synonymous with the southern state of Johor, and we took advantage of our quick stop in JB by sampling a bowl (or two). Yes, you can find places that sell mee rebus tulang in KL, but nothing comes close to what we had at Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang.

What we like about the place is that you can choose to sit in these little shacks of your own, amidst the cool and shady forest-y surroundings. Plus the service is super quick! Our bowls landed on our table within 10 minutes of ordering.

 And of course, we only have awed praises for their mee rebus tulang. Each bowl comes with about two or three large pieces of lamb shanks, complete with a straw to aid you in getting to that sweet bone marrow! For us, Restoran ZZ has more than fulfilled the essential criteria of an astounding bowl of mee rebus tulang: the gravy is thick and creamy, generous serving of lamb shank, and the tender meat is practically falling off its bones!

For the price of RM8.50 per bowl, it is well worth it! For those less enthusiastic about this dish, there are a lot of other things to have here, from Laksa Johor, to satay, to even Ayam Penyet, to standard goreng-goreng dishes. Be careful not to end up at the wrong Restoran ZZ though (we learned the hard way that the Restoran ZZ directly behind Hospital Sultanah Aminah does NOT serve mee rebus tulang). Look for the one at Jalan Petri, right beside the JKR Daerah building, around the area of Jalan Mariamah).

Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang
Jalan Petri
80100 Johor Bahru
Right next to JKR Daerah (Johor Bahru)

Opening Hours:
7 a.m. – 11 p.m.

1.468408, 103.746728

Most people park by the roadside of where the stall is.
There’s also a sort-of parking lot opposite Restoran ZZ.


  1. I'm yet to explore Johor but it seems there are lots of good reasons to visit. :-) Happy New Year! Wishing you a fantastic 2013.

    1. yep, johor is truly a food heaven! =) and a very happy new year to you too!

  2. ooo, i've never eaten in johor before either, but a friend of mine whose family hails from johor swears the best malay food in this country can be found south. that sup tulang looks amaaaaaazing. gotta get me some creamy marrow! :D

    1. haha bob, being a proud johorean, would fervently agree with your friend! but seriously, there are just so many great places to eat in johor, it's crazy! =O

  3. I went to Dato' Onn one, same taste as Jalan Petri, JB, but more expensive... to be transparent, 1 bowl 3 pieces tulang soup, they charge RM9
    mee rebus with tulang RM10
    At least, Jalan Petri, they show all the price, but Dato' Onn one no price list show to customer at all.