15 January 2013

Durian Desserts @ Kafe Happy Meal, Jalan Tun HS Lee

Price Range : Budget 
Cuisine : Desserts
Recommended For : To-go durian fix 
Catphobia-Friendly? : Not too many cats in these streets, thankfully 

And suddenly, durian crepes seem to have risen over to claim the title of the fad food of the moment (remember the cupcakes and macaroons obsession?) and is now being sold on every other online bakery. The thing about fad foods is, well, how would you know which ones are really good and which ones are just riding along on the dessert's sudden fame? 

The best thing we can think of to do is to consult the original durian guru! When in durian doubt, the only place in our heart is Happy Meal (no, nothing to do with those little red boxes offered by a certain fast food joint)! Granted they do not offer durian crepes, but more than compensate with their innovative durian offerings! 

The top three must-tries? 

1. Durian Cream Puff (RM3 for a pack of 4 pieces) 

Just imagine biting into one of these puffs, sinking your teeth in incredibly pillowy choux pastry oozing with rich and creamy durian custard. Best eaten chilled, perfect with black coffee. 

2. Durian Tart (RM2.50) 

Those innocent-looking, freshly-baked tarts that you see? Little did we know that they would be the instigator of our chronic tea-time cravings! It's best consumed warm, as a bite into the pastry will send warm and gooey durian fillings rushing into your mouth. One thing to note about Happy Meal is that you can clearly see that they use the actual durian fruits in their desserts, as opposed to using artificial flavouring.

3. Durian Taufu Cheese Cake (RM3.50 per box) 

Having never tried tofu cakes, we were rather hesitant about this one at first. But all the tofu does is give the cake a moist and dense texture, without actually having the tofu taste present, and brings out the durian flavour in every satisfying bite. What an ingenious creation! If tofu just will never sound appealing to you, a good alternative would be their Durian Butter Cake (RM1.50 per slice). They also have Durian Swiss Rolls but it's not very flavourful, in our opinion. 

If you're not a durian fan, there are still plenty of good reasons for you to pay this take-away stall a visit:

Their Pineapple Coconut Tart (RM2) tastes like a warm, baked version of pina colada

Hokkaido Cake (RM2.50)
soft cake blocks dusted with icing sugar and generously filled with vanilla custard 

Cheese Taufu Cheese Cake (RM3.80 per box) is a great non-durian alternative. 
Also available in Black Sesame

Kafe Happy Meal 
143 Jalan Tun HS Lee 
50000 Kuala Lumpur 
T: +603 2072 6080 

Opening Hours: 
7 a.m. - 7 p.m. 
Closed on Sundays 

3.144445, 101.696561

We usually park in Kompleks Selangor (opposite Swiss Inn Hotel) for RM3.50 an hour, and take a 10-minute walk across Chinatown to Happy Meal.


  1. ooo, i must confess, i'm not a major fan of durian, but i do sometimes like it processed into desserts (versus eating the fruit on its own). if i'm in this neighborhood, i wouldn't mind dropping by for a durian cream puff ... it looks like they're super-generous with the filling! :D

    1. oh really? hmmm interesting... yeah they sure aren't stingy when piping those creamy fillings! attempts to eat the puffs while driving always end us up in a (pungent) mess haha =P

  2. Ooh, not a fan of durian. I've been tempted a few times with delicious looking desserts like those above, but have paid for it hours later. :-)

    1. oh gosh! well, durian is a rather acquired taste, after all. perhaps pineapple coconut tarts may be more up your alley? =)