18 December 2012

LOKL Coffee Co @ Jalan Tun HS Lee

Price Range : Mid-range
Cuisine : Cafe fares, with a focus on sandwiches and coffee 
Recommended For : A coffee stop while traipsing around KL
Catphobia-Friendly?: Yes

LOKL Coffee Co has been taunting us on our To-Eat list for a few months now, but with its weekdays-only opening hours, there was not much chance of us dropping by. Were we excited to hear that LOKL is now open on Saturdays!   

This adorable indie-chic little nook is a great place to stop by and take a breather from the dusty hot streets of KL. We absolutely fell in love with the sunny cafe's minimalist decor, and totally adored the quirky display of familiar Malaysian symbols. 

A look at their menu and we’re seeing a comfortable selection of interesting salads and hearty sandwiches.

The Hainanese Meatloaf (RM15.90) somehow stood out, and we had never had such a thing before, and so we decided on this deep-fried sandwich, stuffed with minced bits of chicken, prawns and chestnuts. The meatloaf is teemed with quintessential Asian flavours, ginger being the most prominent. It looks small when it first arrives on the table, but is actually very filling.

Absolutely love how crisp the outer layer is, and creates a nice contrasting crunch to the warm, wholesome fillings. The sandwich comes with this interesting dip that tastes primarily of balsamic vinegar, and it is UNBELIEVABLE how well they go together! What’s really great also is how incredibly fresh the side vegetables are, loved every bite of the crunchy lettuce and sweet cherry tomatoes. This pleasant surprise of a dish is now refusing to get out of our heads, a condition that only a repeat visit can cure.

Gave their Kopi Susu (RM7.50) a try, and despite its rather hefty price tag, it was worth every sip. A comforting cup of intense and rich buttery coffee blended with just the right amount of condensed milk to accompany your sunny Saturday as you gaze out the window, watching sweaty backpackers go by.

LOKL Coffee Co
30 Jalan Tun HS Lee
50000 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2022 1899
E: eat@loklcoffee.com

Opening Hours:
8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)
Closed on Sundays

3.148701, 101.697841

Parking’s a headache here though! What we did the last time was
park at Menara Maybank and took a 5-minute walk to the café.


  1. this place is already in my must-go list for months!!! ARH.. I'll be heading there for sure, before my classes resume.. ! ;P
    Love the interior so much! ;)and thank you so much for recommending their kopi susu and crunchy meat loaf! yummmmzzzz...

    1. gosh we ourselves are being reminded of how good the kopi susu is! shall carve some time out to pay LOKL a return visit hehe =)