12 December 2011

Good Eats: Rainbow Cake

We were scrambling around trying to find a rainbow cake for a birthday celebration during the weekend, and were so thankful to come across this lovely lady's website

Though rainbow cake is  pretty much THE cake at the moment, and are sold at just about every hipster-laden bazaar, we were quite adamant on finding one that's just perfect. 

We came across Zeha's e-bakery and liked what we saw, and lucky for us, she could manage to fit our order in (which was placed on Friday) and completed it on time by Sunday afternoon. 

The much-loved December babies =)

Not only does the cake look beyond amazing, it tastes phenomenal too! Each layer is moist, and not too sweet. Plus, each vibrantly-coloured layer is separated by a generous helping of fresh cream! It is evident that she pays close attention to details, as the outer frosting was so neat we literally spent a good 15 minutes ogling at the masterpiece when we first took it out of the box! 

Her rates are RM70 for the 8-inch cake (approximately 1kg), and RM110 for the 10-inch cake (approximately 1.8kgs). Delivery charges differ according to location. Seriously worth every ringgit though! =) 

To order, you can reach Zeha at her blogshop:  http://cupcakeklang.blogspot.com/

Bob taking his liking for rainbow cake a tad bit too far.

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