29 November 2011

Recipe: Bob's Curry Fried Rice

Preparation Time:  15 mins

2 large onion, blended
5 cloves of garlic, blended
5 pieces of red chili, blended
5 tablespoons meat curry powder
2 eggs

It’s so simple to make and involves only 5 steps:

1)    Heat oil in a wok, and sauté the blended onion, garlic and chili until it becomes a slightly thicker paste.

2)    Add in two eggs into the sauteed paste and continue stirring the mixture. At this point, the mixture will start to form a gorgeous orange paste and will smell absolutely fantastic.


3)   Add in the rice and mix it evenly with the paste. 


4)    Sprinkle the meat curry powder all over the fried rice and mix it evenly. Season with salt. 

5)   And this dish is done! Enjoy it with some side dishes or have it on its own. =) 

1 comment:

  1. not delocious as it appearance. more deliciouse nasi goreng in singapore & indonesia. i miss jakarta nasigoreng easy to find in every street, its cheap and delicious. in singapore too expensive.