18 December 2011

Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ Starhill Gallery

Price Range
: Splurge
Type of Cuisine
: Japanese Buffet
Recommended For
: Proper food indulgence of the Japanese kind
: Definitely!

 We take our penchant for Japanese food seriously, and at Jogoya, it is evident that they do too! There’s steam floating off each of their buffets counters, either from freshly-cooked dishes, or from mounds of ice keeping their seafood super fresh!

The restaurant is rather large, with each counter offering one mouth-watering dish after another, that we literally didn’t know where to start! When in doubt, always go for the sashimi! The sashimi here is pure perfection. The slices are thick and meaty, and with each bite you can feel the firmness of the fresh fish sinking under your teeth. The salmon is of course a no-brainer must-have but their butter fish sashimi is the best we’ve ever had, like ever! It literally melts in your mouth, as it should.

The Korean oysters we had were about as big as our palms (and some even bigger), and they are so fleshy and huge and incredibly fresh. Topped with a spritz of lemon juice, it is an obese piece of heaven just waiting to pleasure your tastebuds.

The Salmon Tataki, which are lightly-seared salmon fillets, are so perfectly cooked and flavoured they ended up on our table one too many a times!

Their sushis are great as well! Our eyes popped when we noticed their Foie Gras Maki (seriously, who can RESIST foie gras?) but unfortunately, the ones here are a little too dry and flavourless though! =( 

The sushi selection

We moved on next to the hot food counters. How it goes for the freshly-cooked hot food is that, on your table there will be metal clips with your table number emblazoned on them. As you round the counters, there will be lists of foods on offer and a glass bowl in front of each listed food item. If that Deep-Fried Oyster is calling out to you, just drop your clip in the corresponding glass bowl and they will cook it on the spot then send a serving to your table =)

The Deep-Fried Oyster that did call out to us, and it was pretty nice. 
Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside! Yums!

And right by the Deep-Fried Oyster was the Crispy Salmon Skin, which we could not resist.
 In the glass bowl, our clip goes!

The Squid in Garlic Sauce is pure evil, as the squid is served in a glass of cheesy, garlicy sauce. It is a little rich on its own though but pour it over some steamed rice and it’s just nice.

Then there’s the counter that does some really good pan-fried dishes, try the Pan-Fried Cod and Eel Omelette! There’s even a counter doing western dishes like Chicken Chop and pastas, which we didn’t actually bother ordering because really, why come to a Japanese restaurant for pasta right?

The Pan-Fried Cod is so berlemak. The word exquisite comes to mind.

The chef preparing our highly-anticipated Eel Omelette.

For a more filling version, try the Eel Fried Rice. 

When you roam the counters in search of the next bowl to put your clip in, you will inevitably pass by the desserts section countless of times. No matter how much you eat, make sure that you have that little room saved for desserts. The section itself looked good enough to eat, like a brought-to-life candy house from Hensel and Gretel.

Part of Jogoya’s mouth-watering dessert displays

Each counter is stocked with adorable pastries, biscuits, cakes and sweets. We don’t blame you if you stand there drooling indecisively. Not that we did though, we instantly zeroed in on the Japanese Cheese Cake, which did not disappoint. The Chocolate Brownie goes well with the cake, with its bittersweet nutty flavour that complements the light, fluffy and creamy cheese cake.

There’s a New Zealand Naturals ice-cream counter here, which you can have by itself or with freshly-made waffles. We figured this was pretty awesome, until we turned the corner and saw a familiar dark maroon ice cream freezer with the words Haagen-Dasz emblazoned on it. Yep, free flow of Haagen-Dasz!

The ubiquitous coconut, a staple on every diner's table! 

For all that gorgeous food, the price tag attached to the buffet is absolutely reasonable. Below is Jogoya’s pricing list, as pilfered from their site:

Buffet Lunch
11:30~16:20 [Weekday]
11:00~16:20 [Weekend and PH]

Buffet Dinner
17:00~21:30 [Weekday]
17:00~21:30 [Weekend and PH]

Buffet Supper
21:40~24:00 [Weekday]
21:40~24:00 [Weekend and PH]

Child Fees
Height 80~100cm
Height 101~120cm
Half Price++
Height 121cm above
Full Price++

Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant
T3, Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2142 1268
F: +603 2148 8171
E: contact@jogoyarestaurants.com

Opening Hours:
11.30 a.m. to 12 a.m.

3.147656, 101.713636

Starhill Gallery’s rates are RM2.50 per hour on weekdays, and RM6 per entry after 6 p.m.
RM7 per entry on weekends and public holidays. 

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