23 May 2015

[Ramadhan Buffet Review] M Cafe by Meesha Sukira @ Plaza Damansara

Price Range: Mid-range
Cuisine: Malay
Cat-phobia Friendly?: Yes

Oh yes, it’s that time of the year already! With Ramadhan just around the corner, so begins our buka puasa reviews to ease your meal-planning this June =) A big thank you to Food Ink for introducing this cozy little café to us!

M Café, a hidden gem located in the Meesha Sukira batik boutique, invites diners to try their authentic Malay dishes this Ramadhan. Recipes used here are lovingly handed down from the owners’ family, some of which include Selangor royalty. Palace favourites are specifically featured at the café this Ramadhan for an exquisite buka puasa experience.

The Udang & Rebung Masak Lemak is a total winner, with its intricate blend of spices and creamy coconut-cream gravy. Though, an added spiciness would be much welcomed too! Absolutely love the well-prepared rebung and juicy prawns as well.

The Daging Masak Hitam is one of our favourites; the beef pieces still have a little bite to them and serves as the perfect partner to the hints of spiciness, sweetness and sourness all blended into the glorious gravy.

We went a bit mad over the fantastic Terung Sambal. We can never resist eggplants, especially when they’re fried with sambal stocked with dried prawns! If you’re familiar with sambal jambi, you may find this eggplant dish reminding you of it. 

Mmmmh! The sambal here really packs a punch! The Sambal Petai Udang is perfectly spicy, and packed with petai and prawns!

The Sotong Sumbat is a less spicy option, but is highly enjoyable nonetheless. Man, stuffed squids are the best!

The Ikan Pari Asam Pedas is pretty nice, stuffed with stingray slices, eggplant, and the aromatic daun kesum, but we’d love for the gravy to be slightly thicker.

M Café’s Ramadhan buffet will comprise of these dishes and more (10 dishes each evening) at RM39.90 per person. We hear durian ice cream will join in the spread too; how exciting!

You don’t have to wait till Ramadhan to check M Café out! They’ve got a delectable selection of set lunches as well (meal comes with sirap ais or plain water). Here are some of the crowd favourites:

In just one bite, the Salted Egg Yolk Fried Chicken with White Rice (RM15.90) sent us straight to salted egg yolk heaven. It is one of THE best salted egg yolk anything we’ve had ever! The chicken is fried to a satisfying crisp, covered generously in the salty-creamy sauce and fried curry leaves. Ooooh man!

The Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM15.90) is a great option too! Love the crisp deep-fried chicken and the accompanying boiled vegetables and crinkle cut fries.

The Seafood Fried Meehoon (RM13.90) has a great tomyam flavour to it that highlights the seafood really nicely! 

Thought we’d share with you guys this one interesting dish too! A hiking trip in Sarawak serves as the main inspiration behind the Sambal Ikan Apple Salad. Green apple slices and lettuce leaves are among the vehicles used to scoop up the super spicy stir-fried fish sambal.

The best way to enjoy this is to scoop some of the fish onto an apple slice, squeeze some lime on it, pop it in your mouth, and savour that complex mix of flavours!

What do you think of M Café’s spread? Will you be making a pit stop here one of the Ramadhan evenings? Let us know, comment below =)

M Café by Meesha Sukira
47 Jalan Medan Setia 1
(the row behind The Humble Chef Café)
Plaza Damansara
Bukit Damansara
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 6184 1888

Prayer Room:
The café does not have a surau on its premise but there is the Saidina Umar al-Khattab Mosque a 5-minute drive away

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
Closed on Sundays

3.150396, 101.653025
Or click here for location on Google Maps

We went on a Saturday afternoon and roadside bays were plentiful.

For more information on M Cafe, check out their listing on Food Ink:

Note: Prices stated in this review are based on the menu. GST and service charges may apply

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