30 August 2013

Tweet to Eat at the Nuffnang FoodFest!

Tweet to eat? What a fascinating concept! 

We are stoked about the upcoming Nuffnang FoodFest (#NNFoodFest) happening this October, and can't wait to explore a concept very much new to us: social media currency! Yep, your smartphone is all you need at this wallets-not-required food celebration (might wanna bring along a powerbank though!). 

Intrigued? Save the date: 
Date: 5th of October 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 4.00PM – 10.00PM
Venue: Blue Atrium, Sunway Pyramid

The food fest will feature a huge array of delicacies, with around 50 food stalls to choose from, for the convenience of its attendees to savour local and international favourites all in one place. Besides tweeting and eating (tweating?), there will also be cooking competitions and food photography workshops to appeal to the fervent foodie. 
We'll keep you updated once we hear more news about the Nuffnang FoodFest, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can also heead on over to www.nnfoodfest.com for more info. If you're keen to attend, RSVP here
Save the date, and we'll see you there! =) 

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