27 May 2013

Organic Coffee @ Motoya Express, Omotesando, Tokyo

Price Range : Mid-range 
Cuisine : Organic Coffee 
Recommended For : The Anti-Starbucks 
Catphobia-Friendly? : Totally!

What's a trip without a good cup of coffee to go with it? Just steps away from the Ben & Jerry's store in Omotesando Hills, we came across an unassuming little brown van tucked in a hidden corner, spewing hypnotic coffee scents. 

Hipsters rejoice!

How cute to see the chirpy barista all cramped in the van with her trusty espresso machine! The pricing is rather reasonable, with an amazingly rich Caffe Latte going for JPY 280 (approx. RM 8)

You can also grab some super healthy Cocorobi snacks at the kiosk, where their sweets and muffins are made without the use of eggs, dairy products and white sugar. 

Ironically, the health element highlighted here seems to be negated by the smoking-friendliness of the seating area. 

Our best solution was to grab and go! =) Nothing like hanging on a to a warm paper cup on a chilly day! 

Motoya Express 
Alley near Omotesando Benetton Megastore 
4-12-10 Jingumae 

How to Get There: 
It is a 5-minute walk from Omotesando Station's A2 Exit 

35.666538, 139.710144


  1. This is my cup of tea (I mean coffee). ;-)

  2. coffee trucks and vans could be a great idea for KL! i'd definitely love to see a mobile vendor on the street :D

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