13 August 2012

Damas Sweets @ Ampang Point

Price Range: Mid-range
Cuisine: Middle Eastern (Desserts)
Recommended For: Sweets craving of the Arabic kind
Catphobia-Friendly?: Yeah!

So, evidently, we’re highly inspired by Arabic foods at the moment. You’ve got your mains, you’ve got your Arabic coffee and tea. Now all we need to complete the course: desserts! Baklava and the gang seem to have risen in popularity along with the sudden increase in Arabic restaurants in Malaysia. Ten years back (after a glorious makan trip to Istanbul) it was almost impossible for us to find passable baklavas in KL, passable being delicious and affordable. Now, lucky for us, there are such places like Damas Sweets =)

Humongous trays of baklava greet you as you walk through the door.  For RM5.50 per 100g (which is pretty reasonable, as baklavas go), you can have your pick from the enormous trays on display. Limiting oneself to less than 200g is an incredible feat, as there are so many interesting variations to choose from. To help you decide which ones you like best, the gracious  shopkeepers are often more than happy to provide samples! 

They have a more extensive range of desserts to choose from if you come in the day, like the kunefe (also known as one of the most ingenious desserts invention in the history of mankind).  Bear in mind though, that these are their best-sellers and run out pretty fast, and usually there’s zero left if you visit Damas Sweets at night.

One thing that is NOT to be missed here also is their range of ice creams! Our favourite is the banana ice cream, which is made up of not just some crappy chemical-y flavouring; but actual mashed bananas. It’s mushy, sticky, chewy and super cold, kinda like having frozen cekodok pisang batter (which is pretty darn awesome in our books!).

How’s about some mango caramel?

Damas Sweets
12 Jalan Mamanda 5
Ampang Point 
68000 Ampang
(it's on the same street as Sushi King)

Opening Hours:
11 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.

3.158417, 101.750379

Probably easiest to park in Ampang Point.
The shop is about a 2-minute walk away from the mall.

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