09 April 2012

Daging Goreng Telur @ Abdullah Hukum Food Court

Price Range : Budget 
Cuisine : Malay 
Recommended For : Mid-month lunches 
Catphobia-Friendly? : Nope! 

The blissfully awesome thing about living in Malaysia is that there is always something good to eat irregardless of whatever budget you have. Sure, an RM88++ buffet dinner will leave a heavy smile on your face, but if you've got less than RM8 in your pocket, you can still leave an eatery just as equally satisfied. The only challenge is to know all these great budget places to go to. Lucky for us, we were introduced to one of the city's most subtly brilliant eatery by Abang Hazri (and for that, we thank you! =D ) 

So, if you have yourself a strict food budget to adhere to, head to the Abdullah Hukum Food Court and look for a stall called Hasbee Tom Yam and Seafood. Scanning through their black-and-ochre menu display, you'd probably be all: soup and tomyam... okay... padprik dishes... uh-huh... goreng-goreng stuff... nothing new... menu special: Daging Goreng Telur... Wait, what? 

Yup, caught our attention too! It sounds interesting enough, and comprises of meat pieces stir-fried with soy sauce, eggs, onions, and long beans, with a sprinkle of cili padi added in for that kick! The dish also has chicken, squid and prawn versions, but beef is still our definite favourite! The flavours just work so incredibly well with the bite-sized meat pieces. 

The set, which comes with white rice and sup kosong, is only RM6. Definitely a good place to come by during those thrifty few days right before payday! ;) 

Hasbee Tom Yam and Seafood
Abdullah Hukum Food Court
Mid Valley City
59000 Kuala Lumpur
T: +6012 920 6210

Opening Hours:
11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
(their night opening hours is not fixed, 
call ahead to ask if they're still around)

3.121276, 101.676096

Roadside parking around the shop area, 
can get pretty hard to find a spot though. 

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