05 March 2012

Al-Sinni All-You-Can-Eat BBQ & Steamboat

Price Range
Type of Cuisine
BBQ & Steamboat (Buffet)
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A Middle Eastern-inspired twist on the standard grill and boil offerings
Only one lazy cat around (that we know of)

We just got back from this place barely an hour ago and already we’re furiously typing away on our keyboard right now to gush to you all about this superb buffet place! This restaurant came highly recommended by our beloved fellow foodies, Azz & Yeen, and were we glad we went all the way to Bangi to try this place out! Okay, so there are a lot of places in KL that offer the whole BBQ and/or steamboat deal, but there are a few things about Al-Sinni that really makes it stand out.

Firstly, the food itself! There are the usual frozen foods on offer, and they also have quite a wide range of interesting noodles and vegetables. 

The main highlight, however, is their marinated meat selections. Although they only serve one marinade for each type of meat, trust us, it’s more than enough! The beef is marinated in a black pepper and oyster sauce, while the chicken is done in a sweet-ish curry style. The best of the best is still their lamb, which is marinated in a rich medley of Arabic-influenced spices! The meats are also cut in bite-sized pieces so they cook really fast =)

An aptly-placed reminder to avoid wastage

Another thing we love is how friendly the owner is. In his own words, “I come from an island south of Beijing. Well, about 3000km south of Beijing actually... An island called Penang, if any of you have heard of it?” We ended up in fits of laughter each time he came around, what with his jokes and banters. “You know, Uncle,” we told him, “A foursquare tip about this place told us that the tauke is handsome!” Hearing this, he initially flashed us a “You know it’s true” look, but then smiled sheepishly and confessed, “I think they mean my son.”

Very comfortable eating area, whether indoors or outdoors. 

He was helpful in showing us different ways to enjoy the food too! For example, he brought us a bowl of porridge (which is also part of the buffet), dumped some freshly-grilled lamb into the bowl and told us to give it a try. The porridge itself was already nice, but adding the perfectly-cooked lamb into the dish gives it an unexplainably satisfying kick! 

They also provide different types of sauces, such as garlic oil, sambal, teriyaki sauce and sweet chilli sauce. These sauces are what makes the possibilities endless, as you can have the meat as they are, or you can add more flavour to them with these amazing sauces. The garlic oil was hands-down our favourite! They also serve seafood as part of the buffet, so one of our favourite things to do here is dousing the squids with the garlic oil and sambal, and grilling them. The garlic oil-sambal marinade creates such a perfect base for the squids, and one does not simply stop at one serving!

The selection of sauces

Our favourites: garlic oil and the sambal 

Additionally, the buffet is extremely affordable, which contributes also to why we absolutely love this place! They are running a promotion currently so it is only RM19.90 per adult for the steamboat (RM9.90 for children aged 4 to 12), and an additional RM5 for a BBQ set per table. For the sedapness of the food served here, the pricing is very reasonable!

Good food, good company, comfortable, and cheap: what else do you need for a BBQ night out? =)

Al-Sinni Chinese Muslim Restaurant
Jalan Ayer Hitam
43000 Bangi
(nearby Uniten)
T: +6010 770 0517

Opening Hours:
7 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.

2.94827, 101.737261

Easy roadside parking in front of the shop. 


  1. thanks for the liking, we hope the place make more than just good homemade halal food, meet more people.


    1. hi muadz! thanks for stopping by our blog. we hope to make it to al sinni one of these nights for buka puasa =)