20 February 2012

Medan Ikan Bakar @ Jalan Bellamy

Price Range
Type of Cuisine
Malay (Grilled seafood)
Recommended For
As the title suggests, a good plate (or two!) of ikan bakar!
Not surprisingly, there are WAY too many jumpy cats around

When talking about ikan bakar in KL, the first place that undoubtedly comes to mind is Jalan Bellamy. Super crowded at lunch time, this place is so popular with the KL working crowd that many have admitted to leaving the office way before lunchtime just to eat at this place (which is actually a smart move, considering the fact that if you reach the place later than 12pm, you can join the looooong queue of waiting for an empty table).

There are a few stalls located in the same area, all selling ikan bakar, but our favourite is the last gerai right at the end. Piles and piles of freshly-grilled fish, prawns and squid await you as you enter the gerai. They have a self-service system going on here, so the duration between salivating over that juicy piece of ikan keli and actually popping it into your mouth isn’t really that long.

After much thought, we settled for the terubuk, pari and keli. The counter where you can get a plate of rice also offers some side dishes, mostly made up of vegetables dishes and quintessential Malay gravies. It should also be mentioned that the assam pedas here is pretty nice! With the afternoon sun beating down on the zinc roof (and the many, many people dining with you under the same roof), getting sweaty is inevitable. What really helps, however, is the refreshing air kelapa (RM3 each)!

Our benchmark for a perfectly-prepared pari is how easily it falls off its bones. Here, not only does it do that, its flavourful marinade also does wonders to create an amazing fish dish.

Terubuk and keli are both known for being quite rich and relatively fatty, and dipping each piece into the sambal kicap is such a heavenly feeling! The pricing here is also quite alright: RM38 for a total of terubuk (one piece), pari (one piece), keli (two pieces), drinks and rice with side dishes =) 

Medan Ikan Bakar
Jalan Bellamy
50460 Kuala Lumpur
[(The former?) Istana Negara area]

Opening Hours:
11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Weekdays)

3.130585, 101.69467

Try to come a bit earlier, as parking space is limited and is pretty hard to find
during peak lunch hour. 


  1. Alaaa bile lah nak sampai siniiiii hahahaaa... (Makan nak!)
    Meh Jemput baca,
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  2. wow... grilled seafood looks super SEDAP!! have to check out this place soon..

  3. nice ikan bakar around KL! :) not easy to find a good one though

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    1. yup exactly our thought! so great to come across a rarity like dis place!

  4. adoiii...sedapnye...terliur tengok udang tu..:)

    1. itulahh hari tu pagi melantak ikan jer... next time nk kene try udang bakar dia plak!

  5. terima kasih atas inspirasinya! Betul sekali, makanan lezat serta sehat memang sangat penting, akan tetapi memasak dengan alat masak yang tepat juga sama pentingnya.