18 July 2011

Ee Ji Ban Restaurant @ Taman Melaka Raya

Price Range
Type of Cuisine
Chinese, Nyonya
Recommended For
Muslims who want a taste of the famous chicken rice balls
Yep! =)

Whichever Malaccan food guides you consult, there will inevitably be a suggestion to try the state’s famed chicken rice balls (which is essentially chicken rice, just rolled up into balls). The problem is though, it is extremely hard to find halal chicken rice balls that are actually sedap!  Fortunately for us, we found out about Ee Ji Ban Restaurant being one of the halal restaurants serving chicken rice balls in Malacca!

It’s been said that reason it tastes so good here is due to the fact that the chicken rice balls are not rolled mechanically, but by hand. We’re not quite sure how that affects the taste, but anything (lovingly) handmade is always better than something popped out by a soulless machine right? ;)

The chicken rice balls are served in 5-piece (RM3.80) and 10-piece (RM6) portions. We were pleasantly surprised by how much flavour is packed into those little rice balls! You can really taste how good the chicken stock that went into cooking this dish is. The chicken rice balls are served with your choice of chicken (half bird: RM16, whole bird: RM32), roasted or steamed.

We usually love steamed chicken more, but the steamed chicken here is a tad bit bland. The roasted chicken is majorly good though, we highly recommend getting that instead! =)

Ee Ji Ban has been featured in numerous food write-ups, as is evident throughout the restaurant: almost every inch of the eatery’s walls are covered with newspaper cuttings featuring this place and their famous chicken rice balls!

The big blown-up newspaper article behind us is just one of their many newspaper cuttings.

Besides the chicken rice balls, they also serve nyonya food here too! The Garlic & Oyster Sauce Baby Kailan (RM7 for medium serving) is a great accompaniment to the chicken rice. The Prawn Omelette (RM10 for medium serving) is not bad, but does have a slight prawn-y smell (not in a good way). Skip the Nyonya Assam Pedas (RM36 for medium serving) though, it’s too watery and doesn’t taste particularly nice. Basically, stick to what their best known for: chicken rice balls! =)

Ee Ji Ban Restaurant
275, Jalan Melaka Raya 3
Taman Melaka Raya
Melaka, 75000
M: +6016 366 5220

2.186199, 102.254412

Opening Hours:
Daily, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Closed on Thursdays

Parking lots available outside the restaurant but it does get quite congested during lunchtime though. Don’t forget to buy your parking coupons to avoid getting saman! ;) 

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