06 March 2011

Mbuji Cafe @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

Price Range
Type of Cuisine
A mix of Asian and Western dishes
Recommended For
Coffee lovers

While we recommend Mbuji Cafe for coffee lovers, non-coffee lovers be warned! You may just be converted upon your initial sip of a cuppa here!

Mbuji (our first attempts at pronouncing this included “emmboojee” and “maaboojee” but it’s really just “boojee” :P) is fast becoming one of our favourite eateries! It’s a great place to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon accompanied by a freshly-brewed cup of cappuccino. Plus, the food here is surprisingly awesome (usually, places that focus on serving good coffee don’t end up serving memorably good food. Well, in our experience anyway) so it’s a great place for a satisfying meal as well!

What we love about Mbuji is that they get their coffee bean supplies from coffee growers in Tanzania. It’s so unsettling that the average life span of these people is about 35 year old, with malaria being one of the main causes. Mbuji’s efforts in helping this poverty-ridden community can be read in more detail hereSo, by having a cup of coffee here, we do our small little part in helping our neighbours from halfway across the world to get the food, education and medication they direly need. 

The awesomeness that is the coffee served here is worth every cent! And they offer a WIDE variety for you to try too! The Mbuji blend is made from a mixture of African and South American coffee beans. But, if you prefer your drink to be brewed from single origin beans (including Costa Rica, Indonesia and Colombia, among others), you can request it at an additional RM2.

They have the standard range of house blends (cappuccino, espresso, macchiato etc) but there is nothing standard about them here. They are truly coffee at its best! Never knew something as simple as a Cappuccino (RM9.20) could leave us wanting more.

Interestingly, they also have a section on Dessert Coffee drinks. Out of the tempting list of coffee cocktails, we recommend trying the crowd favourite: Bittersweet Love (RM14.90) which is an interesting mix of chocolate, orange and coffee. Mbuji truly is a very comprehensive coffee place, as they also serve Middle Eastern Coffee here! Those who like their coffee strong would probably love Turkish Coffee (RM14)! Other Mid East options include Greek, Lebanese and Arabic.

Mbuji has a good selection of tea too! For a spiced twist of our beloved Teh O Ais, try the African Spiced Tea (RM9.50). It’s funny how a hint of cinnamon and clove can make a cup of tea taste so good! 

On to the food!

This is the last place that we expect to find the perfect plate of Nasi Lemak. But upon a mouthful of their Nasi Lemak Special (RM12.90), we admitted defeat: it is, simply put, PERFECT! The rice is cooked with just the right amount of coconut milk and tastes like a childhood memory (assuming your parents also used to bribe you out of bed on Sunday mornings with their homemade Nasi Lemak!). The chicken rendang that comes with this is really good too!

They have a very interesting selection of Western food as well. We tried the Onion Soup (RM8.90), which we absolutely loved! They even serve Quessadillas here, which is a pleasant surprise. We decided on pasta instead and had the Baked Pasta (RM14.90). It was alright, but a little too oily and not very flavourful.

Onion Soup

Baked Pasta
We’ll upload more pics of our coffee adventure at Mbuji soon! In the meantime, have yourselves a good cuppa!

Mbuji Cafe
Lot 15, Block B
Sunway Giza
Kota Damansara
41780 Petaling Jaya
T: 03 6148 1267
F: 03 6148 1297

(there's also another Mbuji outlet at IOI Mall, Puchong) 

3.151874, 101.591681

Parking in Sunway Giza is pretty cheap! RM1 for the first 3 hours =)

PS. We suffered from a severe case of Mbuji-Cappuccino Withdrawal Syndrome in the process of writing this post, so we ended up making our own cup of Iced Hazelnut Cappucino, enjoyed with our favourite biscottis: Cashew Chocolate and Hazelnut. Bliss! 

UPDATE: We passed by Mbuji a few nights back but found that it's closed and replaced with another restaurant! =(  Besides IOI Mall, they do have another outlet at Carrefour Subang Jaya, but nothing beats the atmosphere at Sunway Giza.. sigh, oh well... 

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: There is now also a Mbuji outlet at Tropicana Mall! =) 

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