06 March 2011

Kitchen Creatures @ Centrepoint, Bandar Utama

Price Range
Type of Cuisine
Western (with a heavy focus on Italian)
Recommended For
A casual date
No cats around! Yay! =) 

We figured we should probably start off the blog with one of our favourite obsessions: Kitchen Creatures! We’d discovered this place completely by chance on one random day where we’d had the unfortunate experience of having a terribly unsatisfying lunch somewhere in Damansara Uptown. Do you guys ever get this thing where if you’d had a crappy meal, you feel this need to compensate yourself with more (preferably yummier) food? While we realise it’s a very unfortunate (and not to mention highly unhealthy) habit, we just can’t help it!

Anyway, we discovered this cute little place later that night and the first thing that caught our eye was the pricing range. Most of the pastas and pizzas were only about RM10 – RM13. But then, we saw this:

Not just a catchy line.. okay... great food.. great value.. uh huh.. yep okay.. no government tax.. no service ch.. WAIT! Say what now?

With disturbingly huge grins on our faces, we discovered that the restaurant’s got this No Frills Dining thing going on, so you’re paying for good food without the government tax and service charge! That’s one awesome selling point, we thinks! And of course, when something sounds too good to be true, we get wary.**
 But we were pleasantly surprised at how awesome the food truly is! The menu is relatively extensive, offering pizzas, pastas, meaty mains and burgers. Here are some of our faves:

Monster Grill (RM39)

At just 39 bucks, this dish is stock-filled with juicy, succulent meat to appease the carnivore in you! It comes with one piece of steak, one piece of lamb chop, one piece of grilled chicken and one very, very juicy sausage! Comes with a side of fried egg, veges (just to kid yourself that you’re being health-conscious, even if only remotely! Teehee ;P) and fries. Though you can get the fries substituted with their mashed potatoes, which we highly recommend. Evidently, this is meant for sharing. Once this platter arrives at your table, however, you may be tempted to forgo the sharing plan. Refrain, we beg of you, as you have GOT to keep your tummy space available to sample the other yummy yummy dishes they have on offer!

Spinach Feta Cheese Pizza (RM12)

Even the name itself ensured us that the dish would be phenomenal... this is hands-down the best pizza we’ve ever had here! You’ve got the sinfully creamy base, and the feta cheese doing what it does best, and the spinach’s wonderful flavour holding its own... this is, in simple terms, to-die-for!

They’ve got a whole array of drool-inducing pizzas like Steak & Cheese, Chicken Kebab and Pizza Carbonara that you can try. We quite like the Magherita too! 

The Carbonara Pizza

Butter Parmesan Pasta (RM13.80)
Where do we start with this one? This pasta dish ranks tops in our books! The adjective that first comes to mind about this dish is, erm, well, it’s honest. You know, like it is what it is, no hypocrisy, no pretension. It just basks in its own simplicity and at the same time still manages to bless our taste buds with so much pleasure. It’s prepared with just the right amount of butter and Parmesan, as too much of it would probably make you feel jelak after a few forkfuls. And it’s served just like that, as it is. No sidetracking veges, no gaudy garnishing. It’s buttery, it’s cheesy, and that’s that. Good stuff.

The Parsley Pesto Pasta (quite a mouthful to say! Haha) is great too! We love how fresh it is! Also, we haven’t tried the Cili Padi and Cream, but doesn’t that sound intriguing?

Parsley Pesto Pizza

We do have to say that the service is rather unprofessional though on a couple of times that we’d dined there. On one occasion, one of the servers, who we assume is new, obviously didn’t study the menu and when we were placing our order, she had no idea what some of them we’d mentioned were. Instead of apologising, however, she was giggling away. Guess we just didn’t get the joke. =S

Dodgy service aside, the place is still a great choice for a meal out! After all, who can say no to good food at a good price? =)

Kitchen Creatures
Lot F110, Centre Point
(right above Starbucks!)
3, Lebuh Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
T: +603 7729 8039

3.137999, 101.610009

Fairly easy to find parking in Centrepoint. Free parking after 6pm (before 6pm: RM0.50 per hour). 

**This restaurant is no longer tax-free. Their no-frills dining tagline is now conveniently modified to 'casual western dining'. Pfft! =/

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