14 June 2015

Mix & Match Set Menu @ Sushi King

Price Range: Mid-range
Cuisine: Japanese
Catphobia-Friendly?: Yes
Pork-free (refer to note at the end of the post for further clarification)

Our peak levels of indecisiveness usually strike the moment we step into a Japanese restaurant. Every single thing on the menu is amazing but there’s only so much stomach space (and not forgetting budget!) to go by. To go with the salmon don or the tenpura udon? The saba kabayaki or the salmon karaage?

So we dropped by Sushi King the other day after a long time, and found that they’ve introduced a Mix and Match Set – smaller portions of Japanese favourites that you can have as a set! Perfect!

The combinations can comprise of either 2 dishes (RM14.90) or 3 dishes (RM21.50), and there are 18 different dishes to choose from!

Salmon Zuke Don

For rice dishes, options include Karaage Don, Tenpura Don, Tori Soboro Don, and Salmon Zuke Don. There’s a variety of noodles to choose from too, from assorted udon bowls, to ramen, to Zaru Soba.

Tenpura Udon with a side of Saba Kabayaki 

Proteins range from Tenpura Moria to Salmon Karaage to Chicken Nanban. Accompanying sides on the mix & match menu include Edamame Salad, Chuka Shirataki, and Miso Soup with a choice of its partner being Chawanmushi or a Mini Salad.

The set even comes with more add-ons like Yakult (RM1.90) or a scoop of Matcha Ice Cream (RM1.90).

Salmon Belly Sashimi is a must-have! So are the Soft Shell Crab Handrolls! 

Complement the whole meal with some sashimi and sushi off the base menu, and you’re good to go!

Have you tried out this Mix & Match menu? What’s your favourite combination? Let us know, comment below =)

Sushi King

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Opening Hours:
Generally 10am – 10pm daily
Clarification on Halal status by Sushi King: “With the recent enquiry to us on the Halal Certificate status, we would like to clarify that we are not Halal certified restaurant. However, all our foods are pork-free (no pork or pork derivatives used) and alcohol-free (No Mirin). In addition to that, no Mirin is used for food preparation in our restaurants, our poultry products such as chicken and beef are Halal-certified.”

Note: All prices stated in this review are based on the menu. GST and service charge may apply. 

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