16 March 2015

We Got Married! Plus, A Brand New Concept for BLD!

Hello hello everyone!

Our apologies for being missing in action for far too long, how has everyone been? On our end, we got hitched in December, so there's that haha things have been up in a whirlwind for us these past few months but thankfully, things are also starting to settle down so phew! 

Oh hey, wanna see what went down during our nikah ceremony? =)  

You know one of those couples who got married and got fat(ter)? With a heavy heart, we must admit that we've become THAT couple. From the unimaginable stress of wedding-planning (mostly due to an unscrupulous wedding planner, but let's save that for another time) to our makan-marathon honeymoon in food heaven Istanbul, to just being in marital bliss... all that equates to is an alarming amount of weight gain! 

And so began our quest to find the perfect balance between eating healthy and enjoying good food. We started paying closer attention to our meals, which resulted in a fun little idea for a brand-new BLD blog! 

Stay tuned for more updates on the new concept. Speak soon! =) 


Bob and Julie

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