09 October 2014

Ayam Kampung Publika @ Damansara Perdana

Price Range : Budget
Cuisine : Malay  
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes, despite it being open air!

We were having this discussion the other day on the ultimate test to see whether someone truly knows you or not: if they can buy you a plate of nasi campur that contains all the lauk you would’ve picked yourself, you’ve got yourself a soul mate!

Anyways, on a slightly unrelated note...for a less daunting nasi campur dining option, check out Ayam Kampung Publika! 

Lauk options are super basic but absolutely mind-blowing: piping hot spring chicken that seem to disappear within minutes each time they’re brought to the serving tray and gulai kawah (sometimes in mutton ribs form, other times in daging tetel form).  Sometimes there’s also a gigantic pot of soup brewing right beside the gigantic pot of bubbling gulai kawah.

For sides, there are usually boiled veges like eggplant and okra. Every single dip here is good, from the sambal kicap to thesambal belacan to the compulsory budu! Drinks are the standard sirap ais here: just grab a whole jug for your table.

Pricing is on the reasonable side here: a meal consisting of white rice, 1 spring chicken, a generous scoop of gulai kawah, assorted veges, dips and copious amounts of sirap will set you back a mere RM8 – RM10.

Ayam Kampung Publika
22 Jalan PJU 8/3
Damansara Perdana 
47820 Petaling Jaya 
T: +6017 944 9133 / +6019 382 2776

3.164652, 101.607750

Good luck (hello double parking!)


  1. haha, i like your test of how someone knows you ... yep, if someone gets me a plate of rice with fried chicken liver, fried fish roe and cockles, that person has won my heart. though i certainly wouldn't mind some fried ayam kampung either :D

    1. waiseh what an eclectic selection of lauk, sean! fried fish roe mmmmm~