11 January 2014

5 Reasons Why We Adore Uber!

On these road rage-plagued streets of KL, who wouldn't love their own private driver? Sitting in the back while he weaves through traffic on your behalf, catching a hundred winks or two before reaching your next destination, watching the beautiful city go by... Oh right, there's the whole 'it costs a bomb' thing. 

Enter Uber

The smartphone app seamlessly solves the equation by allowing you to summon a car to pick you up with just a few taps on the screen. Read on for why we've fallen in love with this elegant app: 

1. Technologically wondrous...
The layout of the app itself is smart and absolutely user-friendly. Your pick-up request involves no more than 2 taps, followed by a text to confirm that your driver is en route. 

The estimated arrival time is provided, but if you just gotta know where exactly your driver is until he arrives, you can monitor the map and see the black car's movements! Pretty neat, huh? The driver's name and photo, as well as the car's details are provided as well. Once the driver is arriving, another text will alert you so that you can standby at the pick-up location. 

2. ... but still decidedly human
Despite the estimated arrival time being clearly stated, it's nice that confirmations occur off-the-app as well. Our driver, Jackson, was courteous enough to call us and inform us that there'll be a bit of a wait for him as he'd only be arriving in about 14 minutes. He was also calling to confirm the entrance that we'd like to be picked up from. 

3. Ride in style 
Uber's rates are, admittedly, relatively higher than standard cab rates, but there's true pleasure in a) riding comfortably in the back seat with leg room that seem to go on and on b) not having to deal with parking woes once you arrive at your destination and c) stepping out in style out of Uber's sleek black cars. It's especially great for when you have to make an impression, and we foresee the service will be most used for meetings with clients, date nights and Changkat-related night outs. 

Don't remember feeling this peaceful the last time we were in a vehicle

4. Truly efficient
Uber aims to be able to keep the wait time at less than 5 minutes for its users, and are currently expanding their reach to different parts of the Klang Valley to achieve this goal. Despite most of the Uber vehicles currently based in the city centre, we were still able to get picked up from Petaling Jaya within 14 minutes! We're truly happy with their promptness and are excited to see Uber rides getting more easily accessible in areas far beyond KLCC. 

5. Cashless payment system
There's no need to 'break' your money in order to appease the angst-ridden taxi uncle with a severe lack of small change. Once you sign up for an Uber account, your credit / debit card details are part of the required information. This means that once you arrive at your destination, just stroll out the door. No need to fumble around for that one extra dollar you knew you had in your purse; the payment for the ride will be charged to your card automatically. A receipt of the payment will then be emailed to you. 

Now, who's up for a ride? Get treated to RM60 off your first ride! All you have to do is:
- sign up for an account (either at www.uber.com or within the Android / iPhone application) 
- key in our promo code: iexe9 
- ride in style! 

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