05 November 2013

Breakfast Sets @ Tappers Cafe, Damansara Uptown

Price Range : Mid-range   
Cuisine : Western selections for their breakfast sets
Recommended For : A morning meal out that's cosy enough for alone time or with company
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes

Funnily enough, it's not too easy to find poached eggs for breakfast around Taman Tun area (besides the magnificent ones at Mukha). Turning to Foursquare for help, we were pointed to an unlikely destination for good, runny poached eggs... A big hurray for Tappers Cafe! 

Set 6: Poached Eggs Chicken Bacon on Toast (RM9.80) consists of a beautifully poached egg perched on a bed of panini toast (which is spread with this intriguing honey mustard thang), chicken bacon, cheese, tomato and cucumber. Sides include stir-fried oyster mushrooms, hash browns and fresh salad with cherry tomatoes. 

Happiness is slicing through the yolk and seeing it drip gloriously all over your breakfast platter =)

Each breakfast set comes with a choice of coffee or tea (refillable!). You can also opt to have either orange juice, guava juice or fresh milk instead for an additional RM1.50. They even have a vegetarian option available! =D 

Set 2: American Breakfast (RM9.80) 

Set 9: Scrambled Eggs with Sausage and Toast (RM8.90) 

The sandwiches in Set 7: Panini Tuna Sandwich (RM9.50) are rather small though, the romaine salad on the side helps to fill up the tummy a little. 

The awesomest part of all is that the breakfast sets are available everyday, including weekends and public holidays! 

Tappers Cafe 
No 23, Damansara Uptown 
Jalan SS21/60 
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya 
(a few steps away from Old Town White Coffee)
T: +603 7733 4473

Breakfast Set Hours: 
9.00 a.m. - 11 a.m. (Weekdays) 
8.30 a.m. - 12 p.m. (Weekends & Public Holidays)

3.133151, 101.62296

Parking spots in Uptown are rather elusive, but a few rounds should do the trick, hopefully!


  1. The poached egg looks perfect to me! reasonably priced too :) followed your blog anyway :)

  2. Oooo I didn't realize that tappers serves poached eggs! Great to know :D

    1. haha we never knew either! foursquare saves the day! =)

  3. For some reason a breakfast set is so attractive. It doesn't matter if you order drinks separately for the same price, it just seems like good value when they put it together in a set. :-)

    1. right? we totally know what you mean! put drinks as part of a set and suddenly it seems like it's so much more worth it! hahaha =D