18 October 2013

A Colourful Night Out with StarHero at La Boca Latino Bar, Pavilion KL

Having been avoiding jam-packed KL if no compelling reason requires us to be there (and the award for most adventurous food bloggers goes to...), we braved the after-work jam last Wednesday and were handsomely rewarded with soulful South American dishes and highly entertaining new comrades!  It was, after all, the StarHero Ambassadors’ Meet & Greet cum La Boca Food Tasting Session =)

We are glad to have discovered this gem of a restaurant, as the effervescent atmosphere and drool-inducing dishes offered by La Boca are something that KL’s food scene could always use more of! We had a good time being introduced to quintessential South American dishes, one fantastically flavourful bite at a time! 

Starting off with a familiar staple: Guac and Nachos!

A delightful mix of tart and salty flavours made it very hard for us to stop muching on these 
Marinated Spanish Olives

Absolutely love the Arepas! Essentially, it’s a sandwich with a South American twist, using cornbread to contain the Reina Pepiada (shredded chicken) filling. The tender chicken bits are tossed in a decadently creamy sauce, topped with avocados. The crisp-fresh salad and tapioca chips that come with the sandwich provide an excellent contrast to its richness.

What’s a South American meal without a substantial chunk of meat? Any carnivorous cravings can be cured with the excellent Costilla De Res! The beef short ribs (that, incidentally, is not that short) is heaven on a platter, with its tender, falling-off-the-bones meat, and its smoky flavour threaded with a distinct caramel-ish accent. As if that’s not mind-blowing enough, it is served on a bed of chipotle cheddar mashed potatoes, which is truly a genius combination of spicy and creamy!

Lamb lovers would most likely rejoice upon the first taste of Solomillo De Cordero: a juicy slab of lamb shortloin, served with a refreshing bowl of mint chimicurri, wholesome steak fries, and a Latin salad of beetroot and palm hearts!

For desserts, we tucked into the incredibly dense Frozen Mud Pie, a rustic chocolate and coffee ice cream cake given a slightly modern twist with an Oreo crumble crust.

The wholesome and satisfying dinner was perfectly wrapped up with a round of smooth, full-bodied Illy Coffee.

We also spent the night getting to know about the exciting new website, StarHero, which essentially is a comprehensive guide to all things fun in the city. At the core of it, StarHero is a compendium of restaurant reviews, but also plays host to reviews of various other categories, including nightlife spots, spas, hotels, and attractions.

The website is still in its infancy stage at the moment, but pretty soon, visitors to the site can expect to have access to notifications on current promotions on-going around the city. A mobile app is also currently in the works so that’s something we’re looking forward to! =)

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