19 August 2013

Fahrenheit 600° @ Publika

Price : Mid-range
Cuisine : Pizza. Desserts. Coffee
Recommended For : Outstanding pizza, and decent vegetarian options 
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes

Just another cute cafe in Publika? Think again!

The heavenly scent of baking dough will do wonders enticing curious passerby to seek solace at this cosy little nook. 

We're always curious as to how restaurants get their names, and the name Fahrenheit 600° sure is intriguing! 

"It's actually the ideal temperature to achieve the perfectly-baked pizza, and that's what we constantly keep our stone ovens at," explained Mary, one of the lovely owners of this three-month-old eatery, ensuing a round of 'ooohs' and satisfied nods from us. 

What we love about the L-shaped layout of the place is that it seamlessly rolls a restaurant and cafe into one; the pizzeria occupying the front portion plays host to hungry diners tucking into wonderfully wholesome meals, while those seeking a bit of peace and quiet can turn the corner towards the cafe section and comfortably contemplate life over a soothing cuppa. 

For a while now, we've been trying to follow healthier eating habits, which mostly consist of decreasing our intake of meats and fried foods. You can imagine our delighted surprise upon scanning through the pizza selections and finding mouth-watering vegetarian options to choose from!  In fact, the signature Fahrenheit 600° pizza is vegetarian! (two exclamation marks in a row; that's just how much veges excite us hehe). Also, nothing here is fried; they try to either bake or grill the foods here as much as possible. 

Pizzas, the main attraction here, come at a choice of 9 inches (4 slices) or 12 inches (6 inches). If you're a fan of Mediterranean flavours, the Fahrenheit 600° (RM18.90 for 9 inches / RM22.90 for 12 inches) can do no wrong: grilled eggplants, sun-dried tomatoes, capsicum, caramelized onions and feta crumbles with a delicious base of unbelievably delicious herb-infused tomato sauce.  

Popeye's love for spinach is lovingly commemorated with the Popeye the Sailor pizza (RM26.90 for 9 inches / RM30.90 for 12 inches)! The vibrant iron-laden leaves are beautifully contrasted with creamy mascarpone cheese slices and a golden yolk taking centre stage. The simple yet effective mix of ingredients is further complemented by the signature cream sauce. 

What we found amazing about the pizzas here, of all things, is the curiously crispy crust! It's not too doughy and makes for a light yet sturdy base for the toppings. The secret? Instead of the standard pizza dough, this innovative little eatery uses bread dough, and a wholemeal one at that!

Besides pizzas, the lasagnas here have gained quite a following, but we were too intrigued by the Cheese Baked Pastas selection and opted for a Mushroom and Chicken Cheese Baked Pasta (RM19.90) instead.  The penne is baked in that delicious signature tomato base, tossed with juicy chicken bits and mushrooms and topped with a generous serving of mozzarella. This is heaven in a bowl right here. 

Happily sighing over our mains, we dabbed our lips and swiftly shifted our focus to the coffee and desserts. 

Post-meal coffee? Yes, please! Smooth cups of Latte (RM7.90) and Mocha (RM8.90) to soothe the soul

Choosing tea is all the more fun with the mood guide! 

Based on our moods, the Iced Spiced Winter Red Tea (RM7.90) was a good pick for us 

We had our first introduction to the Tropizienne, which is essentially a custard-filled sugar-dusted brioche. Lemon zest incorporated into the custard brings about such a refreshing taste to the cake 

They offer special desserts on weekends too, and we were lucky enough to have caught up with the Pavlova. Who can say no to magnificent meringues topped with fresh berries? 

A breakfast menu will be rolled out soon to cater to the brunch crowd, and judging by the definite hits of all the dishes we'd tried, we are eagerly awaiting to see which breakfast favourites will make the list! 

Learning the finer points of dough and desserts from our wonderful hosts of the afternoon 

Fahrenheit 600°
A4-G2-05, Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
(Opposite Ben's) 
T: +603 6206 3417 

Opening Hours: 
9 a.m. - 11 p.m. (Weekdays) 
9 a.m. - 1 a.m. (Weekends)

3.170854, 101.667641

Choice of basement parking or you can park right outside the restaurant at the valet bays.

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