10 April 2013

Peruvie Chicken @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Price Range : Mid-range 
Cuisine : Peruvian    
Recommended For : An exotic spin to a routine dinner   
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes

This eye-catching restaurant has been gracing the increasingly interesting foodscapes of Taman Tun for a few months now, and certainly brings an exotic twist to the current dining options.

Stepping into the vibrantly colourful restaurant, and being greeted by lively Latin music that tempted us to sashay our way to the table, our first impression of Peruvie Chicken was highly positive.

We started off with the Peruvie Chicken Soup (RM6.90), a wholesome bowl of clear soup stocked with chicken strips and carrots, with a refreshing twist of lime! Off to a good start, we moved on to the mains.

The main attraction here is none other than the ¼ Peruvie Chicken Set, served with 2 side lines (RM15.90). Sounds peri familiar, no? We do have to say that the chicken is quite good, thanks to its great signature marinade.  

Absolutely loved the corn coconut rice side line, a hearty bowl of sweet corn tossed with deliciously creamy coconut rice.

The Naked Burrito (RM12.90, or add on chicken for RM16.90) is also enjoyable, with its burrito fillings mix (sans burrito wrap, hence the naked) of lettuce, peppers, corn, some beans, the above-mentioned corn coconut rice, sour cream and cheese. However, the richness of the rice, sour cream and cheese does overwhelm after a few spoonful.

Our disappointment, however, lies in the rather unimaginative side lines options (besides the coconut rice), which extend mostly to fries, potato salad, garden salad and coleslaw. Given its Peruvian selling point, we were expecting a more diverse selection inspired by Peru’s colourful cuisine that involved at least some quinoa and beans (specifically, perhaps a Quinoa, Black Beans and Corn salad?). However, it is still relatively new, and we’re sure menu-expanding efforts would be taken once their following grows. That being said, Peruvie Chicken is a much-welcomed South American flavour for food-venturers and we would definitely return to give their Ceviche and Arroz Con Leche a try =) 

Peruvie Chicken
No. 1, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
(same area as Mukha & Artisan, right next to Penang Village)
T : +603 7725 7223
M: +6016 723 1698

3.153746, 101.622524

Trying to get a spot here, even at night, can be quite the nightmare. If you don’t mind the walk, usually it is easier to find parking at the other end of the street, where the old Muhibbah used to be.


  1. I loved their soup! :)
    Their Peruvie Chicken was only so-so for me. Nothing too special despite being the signature.
    Hopefully a few months down the line, we'll see a more colorful menu!

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