12 February 2013

Kedai Makan New Eastern @ Jalan Abdullah, Muar

Price Range: Budget 
Cuisine: Kopitiam 
Recommended For: A trip down memory lane 
Catphobia-Friendly: Yep! 

Ever watched a P. Ramlee film and crave that beef steak he's having in one of those restaurants with them private booths? Well, we've found just the place for you! 


The booths surprisingly keep a lot of the restaurant noise out, and are great for chats over a simple meal. Menu is straight-forward here, with the Chicken Chop (RM8) and Beef Steak (RM10) bearing the most prominence. 

The chicken chop is amazingly moist and has such a distinctively delicious batter. It's not crunchy but instead is very soft and sort of melded into the chicken. The lovely auntie who currently runs the restaurant fills us in that their recipes have not been changed in any way and the dishes are prepared exactly the way her father-in-law first taught her all those years ago. 

When was the last time you had beef steak that required absolutely no usage of a knife? The beef steak is absolutely tender and juicy under a coating of the same chicken chop batter. 

We decided to give their Nasi Goreng (RM5) a try and were blown away by it! Absolutely loved how fluffy and light it is, simply fried with chicken, eggs and scallions. 

Cabinet of Coke collection

Kedai Makan New Eastern 
86 Jalan Abdullah 
84000 Muar 

Opening Hours: 
Only during lunch and dinner hours

2.049232, 102.569625

Try to find a spot along Jalan Abdullah. 


  1. Replies
    1. they sure were! had fun imagining countless of first dates these private booths may have hosted all through the years =)

  2. I really like the interior of the shop. Those booths are so adorable.

    1. haha yeap! if only more of this type of cute little eateries were still around...