23 January 2013

Ayam Pop @ Puti Bungsu Batam, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng

Price Range : Mid-range
Cuisine : Indonesian (Padang)   
Recommended For : A meal out with family and / or friends; lots of lauk - great for sharing
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes

Our visit to Puti Bungsu Batam a while back introduced us to a wonderful dish called Ayam Pop. Apparently, it’s quite a popular dish in most Padang restaurants. What makes the dish special is in its unique preparation. The chicken is first boiled with onion, garlic and lemon grass, among other ingredients, in a broth flavoured with lime juice or vinegar. Once it is cooked, the chicken is then fried lightly to give it a slight crisp.

And here is the magnificent chicken, hot off the wok and glistening gloriously. It is incredibly tender, and the hint of sourness that you taste in the flesh lends an interesting note to the ensemble. The soft flesh is deliciously contrasted with the crisp, fried skin. Dip the chicken in the accompanying sambal, with its refreshing lemongrass accents, and you’re in for a good Ayam Poppin’ (?) time!

Being a Padang restaurant, Ayam Pop is not the only lauk they serve here. Just take a seat and the friendly waiters will bring a plethora of dishes, expertly balanced on each arm, to your table and put your decision-making skills to the test. For Padang restaurant newbies, how it works is that you put aside the dishes that you’re not interested in eating and proceed to dive into the little plates of your choice (these will be the only ones they’ll charge you for). As they’re served in small portions, it’s a great way to sample an array of side dishes at one go.

Wajib for a Padang meal: Sambal Hijau

The downside of Padang restaurants in KL is that they have a tendency to charge absurd prices. Imagine splurging RM30+ per person for a plate of what is, essentially, nasi campur? Madness! Dining at Puti Bungsu, however, is kind on our pockets and it is no surprise that they now hold a special place in our hearts. =)

Puti Bungsu Batam
4 Lorong Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603-2171 1197

Opening Hours:
11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

3.16425, 101.714127

The bungalow-restaurant compound offers some, albeit limited, parking spaces. 

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