03 November 2012

Cake and Tea with the Cast of Istanbul Aku Datang

How lucky of us to be celebrating Julie's birthday with an invite to have cake and tea with Lisa Surihani! Haha yeah, random! Perhaps a little backstory is in order, hmm? Well, Secret Recipe is one of the partners of the upcoming Grand Brilliance film, Istanbul Aku Datang, and we were PSYCHED to attend the afternoon tea event with the cast of the film for two main reasons: 

1. We've seen Istanbul Aku Datang, adored the movie to bits, and were looking forward to get up close and personal with its amazing actors 

2. We couldn't wait to get a slice of the majestic Turkish Indulgence, the latest offering from Secret Recipe! The cake, inspired by the beautifully-shot film in the alluring Turkish city, is part of their Premium line and we had high hopes of it turning out awesome (based on the fact that their last Premium cake, the Absolute Chocolate is just simply to-die-for!). 

And awesome it turned out indeed! Once the cake was officially launched at the cake and tea party, we grabbed a slice and rolled our eyes in utter pleasure as the first forkful glided magnificently down our throats. You've got the decadent layers of chocolate and cream cheese, brilliantly contrasted with the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate ganache and nuttiness of the pistachio sprinkles. The most interesting part is the chocolate bar-like base, infused with rose-flavoured Turkish delights and marshmallows. 

Best enjoyed with a cup of black coffee

Yes, it sounds like there may be too much going on. Perhaps the elements don't even sound like they'd go well together. And then you take a bite and there go your doubts! The cake is definitely a delicious interpretation of the famously intricate Turkish flavours and when they say indulgence, trust us, they mean it! The premium cake retails at RM10 a slice and RM120 for a whole cake, available at all Secret Recipe outlets in Peninsular Malaysia. 

And thus, Turkish Indulgence is launched! 

While we're on the subject, excuse us while we put our movie critic hats on and kindly inform you that the movie itself also is not to be missed! Istanbul Aku Datang tells the story of cutesy quirky blogger girl Dian (played by Lisa Surihani) who ventures all the way to Istanbul as part of her scheme to get her boyfriend to put a ring on it! We thoroughly enjoyed laughing, (almost) crying, and awwwww-ing our way throughout the movie! Highlights: beautifully-captured shots of our beloved Istanbul and an introduction to the solid acting skills of Beto Kusyairy. If it's been a long time since you fell in love with a local film, then this is the movie that could perhaps change your mind. Out in Malaysian cinemas 8th November 2012. 

Fangirl mode: on! 

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