21 November 2012

Coffee Tree @ Jalan Bagan Jermal, Georgetown

Price Range : Mid-range 
Cuisine : Instant coffee and chocolate products 
Recommended For : Edible Penang souvenirs 
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes 

Yes, this little outlet is a wee bit touristy, complete with salespersons greeting you at your car eager to slap their yellow little commission stickers on you. And yet, here we were yet again, happily pushing through their doors, up for yet another round of coffee and chocolate samples before proceeding to the daunting task of choosing our favourite flavours to buy. 

The moment you step in through the door, a small plastic cup will be thrust into your hands. And so begins your coffee exploration as you are introduced to samples after samples of such interesting flavours! The samples usually start with their main coffee product, the Penang White Coffee: a luxuriant drop of heaven; rich, creamy coffee goodness unlike any 3-in-1s we have ever had before! 

The sampling session continues on until you've tasted the whole range of coffee flavours that they carry... here some of the more interesting ones: 

Coconut White Coffee: our must-have, always! Love how the sweet-creamy notes of coconut is so brilliantly-infused into the amazing white coffee... such a great fragrant scent too! 

Caramel Coffee: for those who like their coffee sweet, this is indeed very tempting

Satisfying both coffee and desserts cravings with the Tiramisu Coffee

One of the greatest things about the Penang White Coffee brand is really their flavour innovations. Each time we're here, there's always a new exciting flavour that we had not seen in our previous visit. This time, we come across these unique flavours: 

How's about some Banana Coffee

No? DURIAN Coffee, perhaps? 

Such strange mixtures, you would think, but the funny thing is these flavours actually taste pretty darn good! Really smart of them to give out samples so that we can decide whether these exotic flavours are to our taste instead of risking buying a pack that we may or may not like. 

If you're not much of a coffee person, they also offer a whole array of instant chocolate beverages as well! 

Need some chocolate to munch on instead? Spoil yourself silly in their chocolates aisle! 

Tempting? Get your coffee and chocolate fix online, here!  

Coffee Tree 
20-A Jalan Bagan Jermal 
10250 Georgetown 

Opening Hours: 
9 a.m. - 6.30 p.m., daily 

5.436344, 100.304408

Some parking bays are available in the porch of the shop. 


  1. I want to visit! I love the smell of coffee - could almost use it as a perfume :-)

  2. locals are not welcome here..ONLY THE RICH and Tourists can enter Coffee Tree

  3. been there....love no added sugar coffee and super delicious no added sugar chocolate with almond....double price but its ok.....

  4. Do you have branches in KL?

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  8. macam nak beli coffee tree kerana saya dari singapore