06 September 2012

Angsana Risoles @ Kelana Jaya

Price Range : Budget
Cuisine : Malay (Snacks)
Recommended For : Sinful treats to be tapau-ed back to the office for teatime
Catphobia-Friendly? : It actually is!

It seems that every time we lunch at Kuay Teow Auntie Gemuk, somehow or other we will end up at Angsana Risoles, somehow or other we will be returning to the car with a heaving brown bag full of piping hot risoles, and somehow or other the brown bag is emptied much too quickly. It’s as if we’ve fallen under a spell… of risoles?

Well, who could blame us? Just look at it! With its crumbs-y exterior, to its spiced, gooey filling… resistance is futile! Risoles (we liked pronouncing it as ‘ree-so-less’ as it sounds cool all Spanish-like and all, and turns out it’s actually the correct way to pronounce it! So much win!) are a common snack in Indonesia, and we can see why!

The pastry is stuffed with a delicious filling made up of such ingredients as minced meat, potatoes, carrots and onions. Curiously, the filling tastes like a dry version of traditional sup bunjut, so you get all these notes of different rempahs in each bite. The risoles are deep-fried, creating a mushy pastry layer between the filling and the golden breadcrumbs-coated shell. We bow to the ingenuity that is possessed by whoever it is that invented this delicacy.

The great thing about Angsana Risoles is that they also have a great, delectable selection of other kuihs as well! Their kuih keria are pretty darn amazing, and their humongous kuih cara make for a very satisfying snack, more so than the usually teeny tiny kuih cara usually sold in other stalls.

The kuih koci is always tempting; sweet coconut filling encased in chewy glutinous flour is something that is not easy to resist.

Don’t let the unassuming bihun goreng fool you; it may look modest but each bite is packed with flavour! Tastes absolutely amazing for a dish that can sometimes be viewed as rather passé.

This little van of pure indulgence is a great place to get occasional tapau-ed treats, but if you have time on your side, there are also seats provided if you'd prefer to wash down your piece of seri muka with a cup of tea. 

 The ever-obliging Tauke, Kak Zuryati

So... Risoles, anyone? =) 

Angsana Risoles 
Jalan SS5D/5
Kelana Jaya 
47301 Petaling Jaya 
T: +6019 369 5766

Opening Hours: 
2 p.m. onwards 

3.10436, 101.608395

Plenty of space to park around the van.