27 August 2012

The Red Beanbag @ Solaris Dutamas

Price Range : Mid-range
Cuisine : Western
Recommended For : A weekend brunch
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes! =)

It’s always great to wake up only to be greeted by a plateful of goodness! There’s just nothing better than spending an off day sitting in a sunny cafe, tucking into piping hot eggs and toast, discussing about nothing and everything over cup(s) of coffee. It’s also so much better when that cup of latte actually comes with a bar of Tim Tam! Yeps, in keeping with the Aussie vibe that The Red Beanbag emanates, you can choose to Tim Tam Slam the coffee beverage of your choice! The coffee here is superbly rich, and the best way to have it really is without any sugar, as bites of Tim Tam in between gives such an interesting, chocolatey dimension to every satisfying sip.

Here’s our Latte with Tim Tam (RM8 for latte, additional RM2 for the Tim Tam)

Having only been here for the first time, we skimmed through their eco-chic cardboard menu, trying to decide on dishes that would tend to our hankering for some good breakfast foods. 

We eventually decided on the Eggs Benedict (RM15.90) and The Red Beanbag’s Signature Big Breakfast (RM19.90). The Eggs Benedict are pretty good: runny poached eggs served on a bed of sautéed mushrooms, crunchy asparagus, strips of beef bacon and toast.  

The Big Breakfast comes with eggs (choice between poached, over-easy, sunny side up or scrambled), sausage, baked beans, hash browns, sautéed mushrooms and toast. Might sound like a lot of food, but we do have to say the portion is hardly big. Would be great to have more than 1 piece of the sausage though, it’s really juicy and loved each peppery bite!

Cute promo running soon!

The Red Beanbag
A4-1-08, Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
(opposite Ben’s @ Publika)
T: +603 6211 5116

Opening Hours:
10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Tuesday – Friday)
9.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Saturday – Sunday)
Closed on Monday

3.170854, 101.667641

One awesome thing about parking in Publika: cheap parking!
Our long-winded brunch only amounted to RM1 parking fee. 


  1. OMG! I see a Tim Tam in your first pic!!! Is it a real one from Australia or the version they have to make here for the hot weather that just don't taste the same?

    1. hahaha literally LOLed reading your comment! didn't even know there was a difference... so all this while we've only been having the Malaysian-made Tim Tams, possibly, when we could be having its awesomer original Aussie versions? nooooooo!

  2. ooo, i don't spot my profession on that list of jobs that they're offering discounts for these coming weeks. guess i should try to find a lawyer friend soon and drag him here to enjoy the red beanbag's food! :D

  3. o.0 ? I wish I can try out this place soon!
    I love their title 'Red Bean ' bag.. hehehe! Look at my blog name !!! XD

    1. hey it goes with your blog url! haha happy trying! =)

  4. Oh... I didn't know they are going to have promotion soon. Gonna drag my friend along. Hehe.

    1. and drag them u should! 30% off sounds like a pretty darn good deal to us! =D

  5. I really like the mushroom soup here, maybe u can try it next time :)

    1. ooh really? will keep that in mind the next time we're here. thanks for suggesting! =)