16 July 2012

Chilla Cup @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Price Range : Mid-range 
Cuisine : Coffee, tea and then some 
Recommended For : A cuppa to suit any occasion, right up to the wee hours 
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes 

We are reluctantly accepting the ‘Yep, I am now very much an adult’ badge as we slowly come to terms with the fact that we are now very much addicted to coffee. But honestly, who can resist its smooth, silky rich texture as it glides magnificently down your throat? There’s something so soulful about coffee, from which having a cup somehow makes everything seem whole and complete. “Oh no, now what did he do? Let’s meet up for coffee and you can tell me all about it.”, “Gosh, I haven’t seen you in ages! Let’s catch up over coffee!”, “Hey, I’m just about done. I’ll see you for coffee after work?” and the list of life events fuelled by coffee goes on.

Chilla Cup has served us well (on many, many occasions) for such scenarios as listed above. The main reason (surprise, surprise) is their stellar coffee! The mug (if you order the Large) is less the size of a cup and more of a substantial bowl! That’s a whole lot of coffee for an average of RM12 per cup. Their Vanilla Latte is one of our favourites here, and their Cappuccino is pretty good too. They do also carry more exotic flavours (which are growingly becoming more widespread and served in most cafés nowadays) like Green Tea Latte.  


For non-coffee drinks, we highly recommend the Chai Latte. A certain someone, who first introduced us to this tea-based drink, convinced us that, “it is like sex in your mouth.” To retain some semblance of decency, we will say that their steamy Chai Latte is, as reputed, very much a pleasure to the senses ;) 

The awesome thing about Chilla Cup is that they have quite an interesting selection of food as well! Their pretzels make for a great munch in between coffee sips, and they’ve got great breakfast selections. 

Randomly enough, their Egg Mayo Sandwich is one of the best we have ever had, like, ever! And another awesome factor: they open till 3 a.m. on weekends! It looks very likely that Chilla Cup will remain one of our most adored coffee haunts.

Chilla Cup
No 2, Ground Floor
Jalan Solaris 3
50480 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 6204 9733
(they also have outlets at Subang Avenue and Quill 7 Sentral)

Opening Hours:
7 a.m. to 1 a.m. (Sundays – Thursdays)
7 a.m. to 3 a.m. (Fridays & Saturdays)

3.175752, 101.659453

Basement parking’s the best bet. 

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