13 May 2012

Sate Madura @ Jalan Masjid, Kayu Ara

Price Range : Budget 
Cuisine : Indonesian (Madurese)
Recommended For : Satay cravings
Catphobia-Friendly? : At times, yes =)

Sate Madura is, quite simply, one of our favourite Indonesian discoveries. Madurese cuisine is similar to East Javanese cuisine, probably due to their geographical proximity: it is characterised by the omnipresence of kicap manis and liberal usage of chilli in its dishes. 

What sets Sate Madura apart from the usual satays we have here in Malaysia, is its marinade. It is a brilliant concoction made up of kicap manis, palm sugar, some peanut paste, the usual garlic-shallots combo, and candlenuts. When these grilled meats on sticks (choice of mutton, chicken or beef: all at RM0.60 per stick) arrive on your table, the scent wafting off them is so hypnotising it's indescribable! 

Taste-wise, it is significantly different that the standard satays that we are used to. Upon the first bite, you can taste its sticky-sweetness, which gradually moves on to a smoky savoury finish. Traditionally, chicken Sate Madura would be served with peanut sauce, while the mutton version is served with kicap manis

For us, however, both the sauces here complement the meats well. We especially love their super creamy and smooth peanut sauce! They do provide super awesome sambal to go with the satay as well, but keeping Madurese cuisine's spicy reputation in mind, do scoop them sparingly onto your plate =) If you gotta have your nasi himpit fix, they do serve it here too, but are referred to as lontong. 

Gerai Sate Madura 
Jalan Masjid
47800 Kayu Ara

Opening Hours:
5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

3.137602, 101.613386

Roadside parking in front of the shop. 

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