02 May 2012

Ayam Penyet RIA @ Sunway Mentari Business Park

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Cuisine Indonesian 
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Catphobia-Friendly?Yeah! No cats around! 

Who doesn't love ayam penyet? Tender, crispy and spicy all at once, the quintessential East Javanese dish has (unsurprisingly) garnered a remarkable following among KLites. East Javanese cuisine is known for being especially spicy, and you can definitely feel the kick here at Ayam Penyet RIA. We have been coming to this outlet ever since our college days, and leave extremely satisfied every time! 

Essentially, ayam penyet is an interesting upgrade to the traditional fried chicken. The fact that it is bashed with a pestle and marinated in a medley of spices before being fried makes the chicken meat incredibly succulent! The crispy crust and its addictive habuk creates interesting texture, and makes the fried chicken all the more delicious. 

Ayam Penyet (RM 8)
If you are not a fan of chicken, they offer all sorts of other bashed-up goodness: lele penyet (smashed catfish), udang penyet (smashed prawns) and bakso penyet (smashed meat balls). Each penyet item comes with one fried piece of tempe and tofu each,  blanched kangkung, some raw veges, and a dollop of super spicy sambal. 

Lele Penyet (RM 6.80)

Their selection of side dishes are pretty extensive as well. There's the popular gado-gado, an assortment of veges served with peanut sauce. We also love the terung penyet (smashed eggplants)! To add some gravy to your plate of rice, we would highly recommend trying their bakso kuah (meat balls soup with vermicelli).

Terung Penyet (RM 3)

Bakso Kuah (RM 5.80)

An Indonesian meal would be incomplete without.... teh botol! Unfortunately, they only have the kotak version here, but we still love this jasmine tea! 

All in all, the pricing here is pretty reasonable and the service is really, really quick! Perfect for when you're starving (also when you're not!). =)

Ayam Penyet RIA
No. 6, Jalan PJS 8/2
Sunway Mentari Business Park 
Bandar Sunway 
46150 Petaling Jaya

3.074834, 101.611208

Quite congested in the day (and don't forget the parking coupon!).
 Pretty easy to find parking at night though. 


  1. Hahaha.. i don't think the catfish kena penyek for the Lele Penyek dish. Anyway, luv this.. especially the habuk!
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    1. hmm yeah prolly not huh? haha oh well! yep, the habuk's super addictive!