05 February 2012

It Roo Cafe @ Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru

Budget Range
Type of Cuisine
Famed for their chicken chop
Recommended For
As abovementioned, a satisfying plate of deep-fried chicken fillet topped with mushroom gravy
Yes! =)

Is it just us, or it’s pretty easy to find amazingly good chicken chops in JB? This was one of the top must-visit places on our food itinerary, and it’s so convenient how it’s located only a few steps away from our favourite chicken chop at Hua Mui! A comparison is thus inevitable...

Just like Hua Mui, the quaint little cafe is also designated as part of the Iskandar Puteri Heritage Trail. Its historical significance is playfully emphasised with the cafe’s adorable vintage knick knacks and framed photos hanging on its wall.

Apparently, the chicken chop here was voted ‘Best Chicken Chop in Town’ by The Star in 2003. Given the fact that this happened almost ten years ago, we figured the best way to know whether it was still as good was, of course, to have it ourselves! =)

The Chicken Chop (RM13) looked good when it was first brought to our table: crunchy-crusted with a generous amount of gravy, served with wedges (we’ve made our love for wedges pretty clear by now! ;P), coleslaw, and some slices of tomato and cucumber. Upon a mouthful of the dish, we then understood why It Roo is so famed for its chicken chop! As expected, a bite through the crust gives you that satisfying crunch. Past the crust lies the tender chicken meat, just waiting to be savoured with each blissful bite. Loading up the chicken meat with the mushroom gravy, intermittently enjoyed with the wedges and coleslaw, makes for a highly satisfying meal!

The rest of the items on It Roo's simple menu.

And so comes the inevitable question: Which is better, Hua Mui or It Roo? Well, we do find it unfair to pit these two marvels against each other when both of them are equally good in their own ways. After all, why pick one when you can have both? =)

It Roo Cafe
No 17, Jalan Dhoby
80000 Johor Bahru
T: +607-222 7780

Opening Hours:
10 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.

1.456924, 103.763584

Surrounded by roadside parking bays, but can be quite hard to find a spot.
Don’t forget to display the parking coupon (RM0.60 per hour).

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