03 February 2013

Kopi 434 @ Jalan Maharani, Muar

Price Range : Budget
Cuisine : Coffee   
Recommended For : A taste of Muar's famous coffee    
Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes

Came across this little nook on one of our random Sunday daytrips, this time to this rather bustling Johorean town. After a nostalgic lunch and mini tour around town, only one thing could complete our day. If you guessed coffee, you know us too well =)

One of the best moments in life is, undeniably, stepping into a coffee house and having that waft of roasting coffee just hit you! When in Muar, Kopi 434 is the place to have your caffeine fix. It is easily noticeable along Jalan Maharani with its bright yellow façade. What’s great about this place is that you can choose to have your drinks ‘espresso style’ or ‘local style’.

In case you were wondering why the cafe is named as such

For first-timers, their Elephant Bean Coffee (RM5.50) deserves a try. Although Elephant Bean is a part of the Liberica family, which has an unfortunate reputation for being inferior to the Robusta and Arabica, we absolutely loved its distinct taste! It’s relatively bitterer, with nutty undertones. Having it with milk is great for brightening its rather heavy taste.

Sai Kee Special (RM3.80) remains one of their best-sellers, probably due to its versatility. According to the bubbly baristas, the medium roast is good for both hot and cold concoctions, be it with or without milk. Opted for a hot + milk version, which arrived topped with a neat little foam. The flavour is comparatively milder than the Elephant Bean Coffee, but is no less enjoyable.

Loving the Elephant Bean Coffee so much, we decided to try how a local interpretation of this coffee would be. Moving on to the Traditional Local Coffee Drinks section of the menu, one smooth sip of the rich and dense Iced Elephant Bean Coffee (RM3.80) effortlessly beats most kopitiams’ kopi ais.

If you can’t get these coffees out of your head, there’s always the option of recreating it at home by buying a pack or two of their coffee products ranging from espresso blends to ground coffee to instant packs.

Now, if only Kopi 434 would consider opening a branch in KL…

Kopi 434
No. 121 Jalan Maharani
84000 Muar
T: +606 951 3046

2.047902, 102.566611

Roadside parking available all along Jalan Maharani. 
Can also park at the bus station on the opposite road.